The Best of Florida State University

Florida State University Students

By Ashley Ross

By Ashley Ross
Unigo Campus Rep at FSU

Florida State University hosts over 30,000 students, which requires the need to satisfy a variety of tastes, interests and desires. See all the top spots on Google’s Public Map.
The following link will showcase the top places in and around FSU’s campus to go for food, school supplies, Wifi etc.,-84.297237&spn=0.033665,0.076904&t=h&z=14

The best place to grab a late night meal in Tallahassee is at the Pita Pit. Pita Pit is open until 3 am. Sasha, a nightlife promoter in Tallahassee says, “I love going to Pita Pit after a night out at the club. They offer so many varieties for you to make your own pita meal. Plus it’s a nice change from the burger and fries.”

The best place on campus to work out is at the Bobby Leach Student Recreation Center, commonly referred to as the ‘Leach’. The Leach offers an indoor track, swimming pool, four full basketball courts, squash courts, three floors of cardio machines and weight machines. The only down side to the Leach is that it is very busy during peak hours. According to Jen, one of the Leach fitness consultants, “If you want to get a good, thorough workout in, it’s better to work out in the early morning hours or in the late evening during the week but weekends aren’t as bad.”

The best make-out spot on campus can’t really be pin-pointed as anywhere on campus is acceptable for making out. Caitlin, a sophomore says, “With so many people on campus all the time, no one is really interested in student PDA’s so there’s no need to hide somewhere.”

The best parking spot on campus is located on West Tennessee and Macomb Street across from Popeye’s. The garage is referred to as the Call Street garage. Katie, a senior fashion merchandising major reaffirms, “This garage is a well kept secret where you can always get a parking spot late in the morning so you can sleep in.”

The best place to study on campus is the Oglesby Union visitor’s center. The visitor center is located on the second floor above Chili’s. It has a variety of tables from single desks to long tables, couches and cubicles equipped with computers. There is even a big screen TV that is always on and playing softly. “The library is not necessarily the best place to study anymore because so many people go there it’s more of a social thing which really inhibits the ability to study in a quiet place,” says Jerome, a senior information technology major. 

The best place on campus to take a nap between classes is at Tully Gym. Tully Gym is a multi-purpose facility that is used for everything from classes, offices, volleyball games, practice facility when the weather is poor, intramurals and so much more. Tully’s versatility causes a need for some down time in between different functions. Outside the gym area of Tully are a large line of couches. Reece, a senior, remarks, “Regardless of the time, there’s always at least one person sleeping on those couches. We call it Hotel Tully.” With the air conditioning always on and a minimal amount of noise, Tully is the ideal place to catch some much needed zzz’s on campus.

The best place on to take a date without breaking the bank is to Cici’s Pizza. Cici’s is located on Ocala Road which is less than 1.5 miles from FSU’s campus. Cici’s is an all you can eat pizza, pasta, salad, desert buffet for $6.99. However, if you have your FSU ID card, it’s only $5.99.  Jerome, a sophomore says, “I love Cici’s. It’s cheap and if I don’t know what I want I can still get a variety for less than a restaurant price.”

The best place to get a slice of pizza is at Momo’s is located on 1416 West Tennessee Street just across from FSU’s campus. Established in September of 1999, Momo’s pizza is now renowned and is marketed with the phrase, “Slices as big as your head.” “There is no pizza in Tallahassee better than Momo’s. The large pizza is 30” wide which is great for hungry people on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice taste or flavor,” exclaims Stephen, a freshmen majoring in business. 

The best place to watch a game is debatable, as the best place to watch an FSU game is at the stadium and all the bars around Tallahassee cater to their sports-minded population by being equipped with multiple wide-screen TV’s to catch all the action of different games being broadcasted simultaneously. Drew, a junior says, “B-Dubbs is by far the best place to catch a game. They have a bunch of huge TV’s, a wide selection at the bar, their wings are great and the atmosphere is relaxed.” Drew is referring to Buffalo Wild Wings, commonly referred to as B-Dubbs to Tallahassee residents.

The best bar in Tallahassee is referred to as “The Strip”. The Strip isn’t just one bar, but a row of bars connected together looking somewhat of a strip mall, hence the nickname. The strip is located across from campus on West Tennessee Street right next to McDonalds. The strip is comprised of Floyds, Big Daddy’s, Irish Pub, and several others. Jessi, a senior explains, “The strip is the place to be on Thursdays. Everyone is out here enjoying themselves, having a great time. There’s good music, good people. I’m always here, I love it.”

The best place to get school supplies is at Bill’s Bookstore. Emily, a junior claims, “FSU’s bookstore has a lot of supplies, but Bill’s has greater variety for better prices.” Amanda supports Bill’s strongly as well. “Bill’s has cuter clothes, their books are cheaper and the people are much nicer than the FSU bookstore. Plus I get more money for my books when I use Bill’s book buy-back system,” she says. Bill’s Bookstore has three locations conveniently located on three points of FSU’s campus. One is along West Tennessee just on the north edge of campus, another is on Copeland which is on the eastern edge of campus and the final location is just off campus on West Pensacola Street.

The best place in Tallahassee to go for all printing, copying and project supplies is Target Copy. Target Copy offers a variety of services, some of which are digital printing, banners, displays, binding, finishing, envelope printing and so much more. The best thing about Target Copy is the prime location right on West Tennessee and the fact that it’s open 24hrs, 7 days a week. Target Copy only closes on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Tyrell, a senior reaffirms, “Target Copy is where I go for all those major projects I put off til the day before it’s due. I can stay up til 2am finishing it and then get over to Target Copy to print it out.”

The best place on campus for a photo op is Doak Campbell Stadium. Sherrell declares, “Doak is such an architectural phenomenon in and of itself, but all the statues, scenery and the fountain around it really make for a great photo.”

The best place on campus to get some sun is at Landis Green. Landis Green is at the heart of FSU’s campus right in front of the library and Landis Hall. In the early 1990’s, Landis Green was the stage for student activism. Today, it’s where swimming (in the fountain), sunbathing, Frisbee and pick-up football games happen. Rami, a freshman, says, “After my classes let out in the afternoon, I come to Landis Green to study, relax and just enjoy this Florida weather. LG really is that picturesque college scene portrayed in so many movies.”

The best place on campus for a job is working within athletics in the Moore Athletic Center in the stadium. Anthony explains, “FSU is all about sports, so working with them is another perk of going here. I work with athletics and I’m on the field during football games, soccer games, volleyball games and more. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it.” The experience of working for FSU and all its Division I sports teams is one worth having while attending school here.

The best under 21 spot in Tallahassee is Baja’s Beach Club. Baja’s is located on West Pensacola in the strip mall. Even though its location is somewhat odd, the accommodations and atmosphere of the Beach Club is nothing short of great. Sam and Ally agree, “Baja’s is where we go to let loose and party. The dance floor is big, there’s a VIP area and the DJ is always playing real good music.”

The best place to get ethnic food is Los Compadres restaurant on West Pensacola. “Los Compadres has the best Mexican food in Tallahassee. It’s better than Moe’s, Qdoba and everywhere else,” claims Maria. Los Compadres is conveniently located just off FSU’s campus and offers dine-in as well as take-out.

The best place to take your parents when they’re visiting is Kool Beanz Café. Don’t let the name fool you, KBC is a neighborhood restaurant experienced in versatility. KBC incorporates dishes influenced by season, cultures and staff experiences. Damien notes, “They've got good food with lots of fresh ingredients, though a bit pricey. Given the limited seating I recommend going for an early lunch.”

The best place to get free Wifi is almost anywhere on campus, but if you need to relax outside of campus and still get free Wifi, All Saint’s Café is the place to find it. All Saint’s Café is located just off of FSU’s campus on Railroad Ave. All Saints also offers coffee, tea, vegetarian food, sandwiches, outdoor seating and take-out. “I absolutely love coming to All Saints to unwind after a stressful day of classes,” says Angela, a junior chemistry major. “I can get my coffee, sit outside with my laptop and do all my research and homework without the hassle of interruptions that I would get at my apartment or on campus.”

The best place to get a cup of coffee is at the Starbucks just off of campus on West Tennessee Street. This Starbucks location is considered the best place to get coffee because it is far enough away from campus that some of the college student crowd can be avoided. In addition, there is a drive through as well as a lounge area both inside and outside this coffee shop.