The Best of URI

URI Campus

By Katie Hansen

By Katie Hansen
Unigo Campus Rep at The University of Rhode Island

Best Cup of Coffee - A lot of students need to start their day with a good cup of coffee, especially if they have an early class. So where’s the best place to get a cup of coffee on campus? Bagelz, located in the emporium, offers a great cup of coffee for a good price. You can get a cup of coffee and a bagel for under $5.00. Since it opens at 6 a.m. it’s a good place to go before those 8 a.m. classes. Located at 99 Fortin Road, in the emporium, Bagelz is your best bet if you need that early morning jolt to get your day started.

Best Photo Op - Just about every campus has that one spot that people always take pictures in front of. Well at URI, the most popular photo op is with Rhody the.  In front of the Union, there is a statue of our mascot, Rhody the Ram that people are always taking pictures in front of. “The rhody ram is a signature photo for every URI student,” said Kalee Garvey, a senior at URI. “I took a picture there my freshman year with all of my friends.” URI is very proud of their mascot so if you’re looking for that perfect picture, head over to Rhody.

Best Place for Wi-Fi - One of the best things about URI is that no matter where you are on campus, you are guaranteed free Wi-Fi. Whether you are studying in the library, sitting in class, or searching the web while eating lunch in the dining hall, you will be able to access the internet. As long as you have your URI email address, which all students do, receiving Wi-Fi is quick and easy. If you’re living in the dorms, the free Wi-Fi is a huge help because no matter what, you’ll always be able to use the internet for personal use or homework.

Best Campus Job - If you’d like to have a job during the school year, one of the best places to work is right on campus. Many of the offices around campus hire students to work during the week. On-campus jobs are great because most students are always on campus anyway. Also, the offices close at 5 p.m. and they aren’t open on the weekend which makes a very flexible schedule for a student. Jessica Guidoboni, a senior at URI works at the alumni center. “It’s awesome to work there because since we’re students we can come and go as we please,” she said. “Although there is a set schedule, if we have a test or some place to be, we’re allowed to change our schedule and just work when we are available.” So whether it’s parking services, the alumni center or the mailroom, a job in just about any office on campus is your best bet.

Best Place for School Supplies - Need school supplies? A very helpful aspect of URI is having a ram account. Your ram account has as much money as you put on it and works in the dining halls, and most importantly, CVS. It not only works in the CVS that’s on campus, ram account works in the CVS in Wakefield, about 10 minutes from campus. This is helpful when buying supplies for school like notebooks, pens and pencils because you don’t have to use your normal method of payment. Students tend to go to CVS for just about anything because they are able to use their ram account there.

Best Study Spot - When you need to study for a test or want to get some work done in between classes, the perfect place to go is the library. With four floors, there are a million places to sit and get some peace and quiet. And if you don’t feel like bringing your laptop, there is a computer lab in the basement with a lot of computers and a lot of printers.  There also cubicles that offers privacy so that you can concentrate on your work. “I usually go to the library between classes or if I need to study for a test,” said senior, Kristin D’Auria. “It’s quiet, I can get a snack, I can go on the internet and no one will bother me.” There’s a place for everyone in the library. If you like to have a little bit of noise while you’re doing work, the 24 hour room, located on the first floor of the library is the place for you. Here, they also offer food and drinks. But if you need silence when you study, the third and fourth floors usually tend to be the most quiet.

Best Place to Relax - Although it can be very cold in Rhode Island for the majority of the school year, when it is nice out, there’s a great place to lay and relax in the sun. That’s the quad. Especially in the spring semester when the weather begins to get nice, the quad, located right in the middle of campus is filled with students tanning, playing sports and just relaxing. It’s the perfect place to sit between classes and lay in the sun.

Best Pizza - A popular food among college students is pizza, mostly because it’s quick and it’s cheap. The best place to get pizza at URI is Kingston pizza. With three nearby locations, including one on campus, Kingston Pizza is one of the most popular places for URI students to eat. Kingston Pizza offers a wide variety of choices from pizza, to sandwiches, to calzones to salads. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Kingston Pizza has it for you at low prices; perfect for college students.

Best Bar - Once the week is over and Friday night comes a long, URI students are ready to have fun and forget about classes for the weekend. The most popular bar is Charlie O’s. It’s a laid back, casual bar and no matter what night it is, you will always find URI students at this bar. Although it is a little small inside, students come back night after night and pack themselves in. With inexpensive drinks, this is the perfect place for students to go. “The best part about Charlie O’s is that it’s a guaranteed good night,” said Kellene Mcaffrey, a senior at URI. “On any given night, it will be packed and you’ll know people there.” Charlie O’s is located at 2 Sand Hill Cove Road in Narragansett; a perfect location due to is close proximity to student housing.

Best Late Night Snack - After a night at the bar, every student is always starving and in the mood for a late night meal. The most popular place for those 1 a.m. cravings is conveniently right next door to Charlieo’s and is called Fat Jack’s. “Fat Jack’s is hands down the best late night snack this side of the Mississippi,” said Casey Ford, a senior at URI. “It gives late night snacks a whole new meaning.” Fat Jack’s is open until 2 a.m. every day and offers every type of food students love to eat. The most popular things to get are cheese fries, calzones, pizza, buffalo fries and chicken fingers. The prices are cheap and because it is open so late and is located right next to the most popular bar, students flood Fat Jacks around 1 a.m., right around the time Charlieo’s is closing.