The Best of UVM

UVM Campus

By Katherine Duhaime

By Katherine Duhaime
Unigo Campus Rep at UVM

Best Make-Out Spot on Campus: Williams Fire Escape
Life on campus means new faces, new friends and the inevitable new love interests.  Warm weather works as an aphrodisiac at UVM and when the snow melts away, campus is full of doe eyed students.  If you find yourself at UVM and afflicted with the love-bug, there is one place on campus that will, without a doubt, woo your person of interest.  Williams, our art and anthropology building, sits high and mighty on central campus.  Lining both sides of this majestic building are two iron fire escapes.  If you climb either one of these at just the right time in the afternoon you can catch a breathtakingly beautiful sunset.  With the Adirondacks colored purple and the sky brushed pink and orange, the Williams fire escape facilitates in making your make-out session one to remember.  “Making out on the Williams fire escape is cliché, but I say go for it, it gives a really great view of Burlington, I recommend doing it at least once while at UVM,” advises senior Olivia Saperstein. This popular make-out spot is not for those with a weak stomach, however.  If you or your date is afraid of heights, a walk down to the waterfront will suffice.

Best Restaurant to Take Your Parents: American Flatbread
115 St. Paul St., Burlington Vermont

It’s delicious, healthy pizza and a great atmosphere in a casual environment
Having your parents come visit is always a great escape from the college lifestyle.  Parents are looking to get an authentic Burlington experience while also spending some quality time with their child.  This usually results in eating out, movie nights at the Roxy movie theatre, and days meandering along Church St.  When dinnertime rolls around, you will be faced with the important decision of where to take your parents.  The chance to eat out doesn’t roll around too often, making the decision of where to go pretty difficult.  After many nights out with my parents at restaurants that ranged from mediocre to delicious, there is one establishment that we always go back to.  American Flatbread is known as the best place to get pizza in Burlington.  The pizza is all natural and cooked in a wood fired oven.  The ingredients are all locally grown, bought and mixed together into delicious topping combinations.  From your table you can watch your pizza be skillfully made and cooked in the giant open oven.  The restaurant offers a casual atmosphere while still serving food of obvious high quality.  “American Flatbread is delicious, healthy pizza.  I definitely recommend taking your parents there,” says junior Hailey Schofield.  For about twenty dollars you and your parents can enjoy a very large, unique and filling pizza.  In addition, the restaurant offers an extensive beer and wine menu and a handful of traditional deserts that top off the meal perfectly.

Best Place to Take a Date without Breaking the Bank: Tiny Thai
24 Main St., Winooski Vermont

College students are constantly on the lookout for inexpensive food.  Ideally this food is still of high quality and good taste, but as low-income financially challenged young adults, we can’t be picky.  Lucky for us Tiny Thai located less than 2 miles from central campus offers unique, delicious food at manageable prices.  This cozy hole in the wall restaurant is located away from the waterfront in the heart of Winooski’s town center.  It’s BYOB and is perfect for dining out with your significant other.  Tea light candles decorate the small tables and the red walls give the dining room an intimate, warm feeling.  Food options range from traditional Thai dishes to chef originals.  Tiny Thai feels miles away from the crowded downtown streets, yet is only minutes away and costs less than eating out in Burlington.

Best  Bars: The OP, Three Needs, RJ’s and What Ales You      
Burlington is home to an eclectic mix of bars and pubs.  From Pearl to Main and all along Church Street, students and residents can choose from dozens of different bars, beers and crowds.  Here’s a brief summary of some of the most popular bars in town.

The Other Place (OP) is the most popular spot in town on Wednesday nights.  Their three-dollar pitchers of beer are cheap and easy to swallow, taking the edge off of hump day.  The bar seems like a dive at first, but once you get used to the grimy floors and dark mood lighting, the OP feels like a haven from the daily grind. 
4 North Winooski Ave Burlington Vermont

Three Needs is another popular bar amongst UVM’s legal student body.  ID’s are scrutinized at the door, but once you make it past the doorman you’ll soon forget his unwelcoming frown.  Three Needs, referred to simply as, The Needs, has large capacity booths, a pool table, friendly bar staff and a good selection of beer on tap.  Mid week this bar is pretty deserted, but come Friday and Saturday you might find yourself in line just to get in. 
Three Needs
 207 College Street, Burlington Vermont

Reuben James
159 Main Street, Burlington Vermont
Reuben James’ (RJ’s) is a bar that attracts a younger crowd.  Friday through Saturday you’ll find the entry line out the door and down the sidewalk.  Loud pop music is usually playing and it’s known as a bar that occasionally breaks out into a dance party.  If you’re looking to enjoy good conversation with your friends over beer, RJ’s is not the place to go.  If however, you’re looking for a lively bar experience where you can get away with showing a little more skin, it’s the right weekend stop for you. 

What Ales You
152 St. Paul St., Burlington Vermont
Thursday through Saturday night What Ales You is packed with UVM’s athletic community and all the girls and boys that love them.  Sports games are always played on the multiple televisions making it a hot spot for catching any big game.  If you do choose to go to What Ale’s, be sure to save enough energy to make the long walk home afterwards.  What Ale’s wins the award for being the farthest bar from campus.  On the bright side, it is only a skip away from Kountry Kart Deli, so if you’re tired, drunk and hungry, you can easily pick up a delicious Rise and Shiner!

Best  Place to Get Some Sun: Central Campus
UVM students eagerly await the end of winter and the warmth of spring.  By the time the icy ground thaws most of us are going stir crazy and can’t wait to shed our heavy winter layers.  Ulu boots are traded for flip-flops and we pull out our beach blankets long before the recently frozen grounds have dried.  To catch as much warm sun as possible, most UVM students head to Central Campus.  Our Central green is large and fully exposed to whatever sun is available.  Students fill the open space hoping to soak up some vitamin D.  The Central Campus green is ideal for a mid day, alfresco meal as both the Davis Center and the Waterman Café are a quick walk away from the green.  For ideal sunshine exposure, views and people watching, the Central Green takes the cake as the best place to get some sun on campus.

Best On-Campus Job: The Library
When students look for an on-campus job, the goal is to find a job that essentially pays you to do your homework.  At the start of every school year there is a mad rush to fill the few but prized effortless jobs.  The library offers a handful of jobs that are conducive to student life in areas including Circulation, Periodicals, Special Collections and the Media Center.  While these jobs mean occasionally getting up to shelve books or help a confused patron, for the most part they require the ability to sit for long periods of time in a very quiet space. Zoe Gandee, a three-year employee in the library is immensely satisfied with her job. “The library is a peaceful place to work.  While you always have little tasks to do like copying or shelving, for the most part you can do homework and study.  Working on campus is also great because unlike off-campus jobs that are less flexible, you can fit your hours around your class schedule.”  Working in the library is the ideal job for college students.

Best Place to Study On-Campus: The Dana Medical Library
There are times when a little background noise isn’t a hindrance to your studying.  There are other times when your workload is so heavy and your reading so dense, you need complete silence to concentrate.  In stressful times like these the best place to head to is the Dana Medical Library.  Located behind Converse resident hall and only around the corner from Bailey/Howe Library, this study spot is known for its serious study space.  People go to the med library if they have serious work to get done.  “When someone tells me they’re going to work there, I know they must be cramming,” says senior Sam Smalley.  What sets this library apart from Bailey/Howe library is its intensity.  Pre-med and med students who are studying there mean business.  While it is their designated study space, you’re more than welcome to join as long as you’re willing to conform to the rules.  If you’re going to the Dana Medical Library, avoid disturbing other students by leaving crinkly wrappers at home, turning off your cell phone, and keeping your ipod at a low volume.  If you can follow these simple rules you’ll experience and appreciate the super serious study vibes of UVM’s medical library. 

Best Place to Exercise: The Gym
If there was ever a gym that could motivate people to work out, UVM’s fitness center is it.  When you first walk in you are greeted with a floor to ceiling wall of windows.  The windows showcase a beautiful panoramic view of the Green Mountains.  In all seasons, whether peaked in snow or lush and green, the mountains are undeniably hypnotizing. From the fitness center you can burn calories while watching the mountains change through the seasons.  The gym is equipped with state of the art machines including elliptical, treadmills stair-masters, and stationary bikes.  In addition the fitness center has a weight room and an elevated indoor track.  Aside from the obvious health benefits of working out, going to the gym is also a great time to see people and socialize on campus.  If you go between the hours of 4-7 p.m. you are bound to see dozens of people you know.  All in all the UVM fitness center is the best place to work out in Burlington, offering state of the art equipment, a beautiful view and a fun social environment. 

Best Place to get Coffee at UVM: Henderson’s Café
Located on the top floor of The Davis Center, Henderson’s café is one of the best places to grab a cup of coffee on campus.  Connected to the UVM bookstore, Henderson’s gives off the vibe of a Starbucks or Barnes and Noble café.  Complete with a fireplace, comfy chairs and a magazine wall, the hotspot coffee stop is a favorite amongst students.  In addition to its cozy atmosphere, Henderson’s offers a wide variety of drinks, snacks and pre-made sandwiches.  It is also the only place on campus where students can buy locally roasted Artisan coffee. Artisan coffee-roasters is a company that buys free trade, organic coffee beans and is roasted in nearby Waterbury Vermont. “Henderson’s has a great assortment of specialty drinks in addition to coffee and tea.  If you have some time to waste it’s a great place to sit down and read a magazine or newspaper” says senior Brittany Langston.  Henderson’s café offers students an escape from the unbelievably long lines of the library’s Cyber Café and a chance to drink high quality coffee in a comfortable, convenient location. 

Best Place to Grab a Late-Night Meal: Kountry Kart Deli aka KKD
155 Main St., Burlington Vermont

As a freshman at UVM it will probably be less than a week before someone takes you to KKD for your very first Rise and Shiner.  This famous Burlington Sandwich consists of a hash-brown, bacon, egg and cheese packed tastily on a bulky roll.  KKD is famous for satisfying the seemingly insatiable hunger of intoxicated UVM-ers after midnight.  Located on Main Street in the heart of the downtown area, the deli is perfect for cheap, quick, convenient and tasty food.  If you’re not into breakfast sandwiches, KKD offers plenty of other dining options as well.  The sandwich board is long and extensive serving up food for meat eaters and vegetarians alike.  You’ll have plenty of time to stand and read the menu as the deli is open an amazing 19-½ hours a day, closing only briefly to sanitize and restock their kitchen.  If a satisfying deli-style meal is what you’re after, Kountry Kart Deli will fulfill your every sandwich desire.