The College Girl Wish List

College Girls

By Irene Starygina

Ah, the back to school shopping season—only during the holidays are you more likely to snag the items you've been eyeing. "But I need it for college!" are the magic words that can sway even the most practical parent. Whether you're hitting the stores with an overly concerned mom who insists on buying air sanitizer in bulk or looking for discounts on the Web, back to school shopping can be overwhelming. Forget the cutesy crap that will only clutter your dorm; we scouted out back to school essentials for college girls that won't break the bank. Here are our editors' picks:

Conair - Dry 'N Straight Hair Dryer and Straightener 
$34.99 / Best Buy

best buy conair straightenerWhen you only have ten minutes left before class and your hair looks like a Chia Pet after you woke up on the couch, regular flat irons won’t do the trick. And come on, another pony tail day?! (Mean Girls would never let you sit at their table). This is a  hair dryer and flat iron in one, which means you don’t have to wait for your locks to be almost dry before you start straightening. Styling time cut in half, without breaking the bank!


VS pink cropped

Spa wrap 
$28.50 / Victoria's Secret Pink 

College girls don’t want to have an embarrassing towel-slip moment while going from the showers to their rooms—especially those who live in a co-ed dorm. This spa wrap from the Victoria's Secret Pink Back to School Must-haves collection is adorable and even has a pocket where you can hide your room key. The logo style is available for $34.50.


VS pink luggage


Three-piece travel set 
$148 / Victoria's Secret Pink

Whether you’re bringing your laundry home or visiting a friend’s campus for a change of scenery, travel in style with this affordable 3-piece travel set. It definitely won’t get lost in a sea of black suitcases on the conveyor belt. Also check out these mini cross-body messenger bags.



pink target chairSphere Chair
$39.99 / Target

If your space allows it, get this über-comfy chair to curl up in (my roommate had one and I test-drove it when she wasn’t home). This corduroy design also comes in green, dark blue and black.




best buy back massagerTherapist Select Shiatsu Massaging Cushion Back Massager 
$99.99 / Best Buy

This back massager by HoMedics is small enough for your dorm room and relieves those pesky stress knots. While it may not be sturdy enough to support hefty frat guys, it’s ideal for college girls, especially during midterms!



Women's Destructed Denim Mini Skirt
$29.50 / Uniqlo 

uniqlo denim skirtIf there’s one clothing item that never goes out of style and is versatile enough to be worn at parties or when you're lounging around, it’s the denim mini. This dark wash will match with everything and is the perfect length. Pair it with leggings in the winter or a sparkly top on the weekends.




forever 21 heelsAthena Platform Pump
$26.80 / Forever 21

You don’t want to bring your really nice, expensive heels to college. With all the walking across campus concrete, hills and grass you’ll be doing, they’ll get ruined in no time. These platform pumps are not trendy, but the stacked heel is likely to withstand tough weather conditions. Not to mention, they’re a steal at under 30 bucks.



contaner store jewelry standIsnIcelet Jewelry Stand by Umbra
$19.99 / The Container Store 

Isn’t it annoying to try to untangle long necklaces, especially when you’re running late? This jewelry stand will keep your costume jewelry organized in style. Emphasis on costume: college girls don’t want to have their heirlooms on display in the dorms, especially those who leave their dormroom door open.




container store stainless fog mirrorStainless Fogless Suction Mirror
$16.99 / The Container Store 

Fogless mirror. No need to incessantly rub off the steam after you shower to apply moisturizer.





Photo courtesy of Franco Folini