The Impact of Coaching Changes

Athletic Scholarships

By Stewart Brown

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As fall sports come to a close the coaching merry-go-round begins. Coaches are fired or are tired and decide to move on to a new job or even a different career.

At the time of writing there are over 40 football jobs, 35 soccer vacancies, and 30 volleyball openings on the NCAA website. These will, in-turn, open more jobs and create turnover at different colleges and universities throughout the country.

These numbers do not include some bigger programs that tend not to advertise their job openings. These colleges and universities prefer to recruit their coaches or promote from within. This is just the beginning of coaches moving on and creating other openings.

This can impact you as a recruit in numerous ways:

· When you commit to a coach you are really committing to the program and institution whether the coach is there or not. Therefore, it is important that you are attracted to the college or university and you are not choosing a college because of a coach.

· A new coach may want his or her own recruits and not those of the previous coach. Be prepared to establish a relationship with the new coach and make them want you just like the previous coach did. Remember that verbal commitments can be broken.

· Keep your options open if you are starting from scratch with a new coach at a program. You need to be patient and give the coach time to create a relationship with you but you also need to protect yourself. It is okay to re-open some doors and knock on new ones to make sure you find a place that is fitting for you.

· If you have already taken an unofficial visit to the college or university with the previous coach it is a good idea to take another one to meet the new coach and his or her staff. This shows that you are eager to be part of their program and allows you time to establish a relationship with them.

Coaches do move on, some for the betterment of the program, and the turnover can be large at times but it is not devastating to your recruitment efforts. You need to keep recruiting yourself to the programs and institutions you like and know where you will be a success.

Recruiting is about establishing relationships and if you can do it with one coach you can do it with others.