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These top 10 schools are the next generation of excellence

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University

The students at Carnegie Mellon, in Pittsburgh, PA, don’t beat around the bush. “Here is CMU's big selling point: the academics. They are great.” The approximately 6,000 undergrads at this Pittsburgh, PA school won’t stop raving about their “brilliant” professors who go out of their way to “know who you are”, and the “truly intellectual environment” this creates. There’s something else it also creates: “a workload that is not to be taken lightly.” “We’re forced into late night work/study sessions every other day,” said one. As a result, the rumor that “Carnegie Mellon is where fun goes to die” might just be accurate. As one sophomore confessed, “In general, the students are awkward.” But at least they get to be awkward together. “Everyone is awkward, everyone is a geek, everyone is driven, everyone is a work-a-holic. It’s great,” a senior said. “Everyone has a few quirks, and you don’t really need to hide them … we’re all just slightly not normal.” “But we’re also the campus tomorrow’s leaders are going to come from,” countered a sophomore. With recent alums as diverse as Andy Warhol, the founder of Juicy Couture, the CEO of Xerox and the actor Zachary Quinto, that’s not hard to believe. As a final student proclaimed: “Carnegie Mellon … it’s a place where you walk in smart, you walk out smarter, and you learn all you can.”