The New Ivies 2012 Page 6

These top 10 schools are the next generation of excellence

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Tufts University

Tufts University

Tufts University students say their school combines the best of all collegiate worlds. “Goldilocks would have given Tufts two thumbs up,” says a sophomore. “We’re not too small, not too big; not too academic, not too athletic; we are ambitious, but not enough to forget the social implications of our decisions.” While Tufts students devote plenty of time to hitting up frats or house parties during the weekends, they care first and foremost about their educations. One junior writes, “Most Tufts kids lean a little on the nerdy side (if not the closet-nerdy side), so a Saturday night spent working in the dorms isn’t too bad once in a while. But we also know how to have fun.” Tufts’ campus is located in Medford / Somerville, Massachusetts, approximately twenty minutes outside of Boston, so it’s easy to travel there and back. And, once students do come back, they’re confident that their first-rate education is attached to a brand-name that future employers will appreciate. “Tufts is a rising star when it comes to universities, and our degree will mean a LOT more as the years go by, because Tufts is getting more and more renowned,” writes a freshman. Another student, equally satisfied, puts it more bluntly. “If you go to Tufts, you will most likely come out with a very good opportunity to make lots and lots of cash.” Overall, Tufts students have a lot of school pride. “Tufts kids love Tufts. Jumbo is our mascot, and everyone is in love with him (it’s an elephant.) We’re a school on the rise, and you’ll feel very patriotic about pachyderms if you come.”