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Williams College

Williams College provides a unique, rigorous academic experience that allows students to really become experts in their field of choice. As one senior explains, "Tutorials are a huge part of the Williams experience, and definitely deserve mention. They consist of two students who meet once a week with a professor and alternate writing papers (or doing problem sets if the tutorial happens to be math or science based) and critiquing their partner's paper. During the meeting, the students present their papers and critiques, and then discuss with the professor." Another student has this to say: "It's a lot of work, and most of your professors know you by name and are quite friendly, which makes slacking off difficult. Everyone works a lot, but classes are, for the most part, interesting and you have plenty of flexibility, so you rarely are forced to take classes on subjects that don't interest you." So if you're signed up to go to Williams, expect to have an intimate knowledge of the library, but be comforted in knowing that you'll at least be studying something interesting.