The Sports Culture at Davidson College

Davidson College Sports

By Laura Candler
By Laura Candler
Unigo Campus Rep at Davidson College

Since the majority of students at Davidson are involved in various sports (varsity, club, or intramural),interacting with athletes is a fact of Davidson life.

Andrew Lovedale, a member of the Davidson Varsity basketball team and a political science major expresses life as an athlete at Davidson:

Life as a Davidson student is tough, but it takes hard work and dedication to actually reach excellence. Time management is something that most student-athletes (including myself) tend to struggle with because there is so much to do every day. Being a student-athlete teaches you to set your priorities straight and manage your time effectively. Also, when you are on a team, you learn to interact with people of all sorts, which helps you grow as a person.

At Davidson, the student-athletes are seen as ordinary students and respected alike. This creates a community where no one is a stranger and you feel at ease walking around campus and hanging out with other students.

Andrew Lovedale, 2009
As Andrew explains, participating in sports can help students manage their time, meet new friends, and learn valuable lifetime skills (such as cooperation). Being involved in a sport, especially upon first coming to Davidson can ease your transition from high school. This is why many freshmen participate in Flickerball (a game that involves running, catching and throwing).

However, if you’re not involved in a sport, you can still be active on game day. Especially football and basketball games, students can gather at cook-outs or other activities before or during games. Some activities offered by the Union Board include tailgates in the gym parking lot. Other events are sponsored by Wildcat Pride such as the GridIron Skills Challenge where groups of seven students perform certain skills on the football field during half time at the game in order to win prizes.

Similarly, during basketball games, a few students can be chosen from a lottery to shoot and win prizes during half time. Therefore, students are involved in activities whether they are on sports teams or not — even if they’re just spectators. Obviously, basketball games are the most popular events to attend, as every game has been sold out this year. However, all games, matches, and events provide entertainment to students, faculty, and the community.