The Ten Commandments of UCI Sports

UCI Sports

By Kareem Barghouti, Sandra Lee, And Perry Yates
By Kareem Barghouti, Sandra Lee and Perry Yates
Unigo Campus Reps at UC-Irvine

10. The Anteater is not a phallic symbol and you must not treat it as such. Exceptions to this rule are only granted in cases of extreme public drunkenness or debauchery.

9. Our football team has been undefeated since 1965 with a record of 0-0-0.

8. We are starting to develop a pretty intense rivalry in baseball with CSU Fullerton. Our former head coach left to coach Fullerton the year after we made it to the College World Series. Future blood matches to follow.

7. Going to the Pub before games is not suggested, it is required.

6. Join the Completely Insane Anteaters, get a free shirt, get free In-N-Out if the ‘Eaters win, go home happy

5. We take our Men’s Volleyball very seriously, and so does the rest of the nation.

4. UC Irvine is one of the fastest schools to achieve Division I status in almost all of our sports. This is pretty remarkable considering we were founded in 1965.

3. Our biggest single competitor is Cal State Long Beach. “Beat the Beach” games are some of the most fun at UCI.

2. Our swimming and water polo teams consistently produce US Olympians.

1. The mascot’s costume will probably change during your time as an Anteater, just don’t let it be too happy again.