Top 10 In 2010

By Unigo Editors

No Last Call

Top 10 schools where "Animal House" is considered tame

-University of California - Santa Cruz
-Florida State University - Tallahassee
-University of Georgia
-Lehigh University
-University of Massachusetts - Amherst
-Penn State - University Park
-Washington and Lee University
-West Virginia University
-University of Wisconsin - Madison
-Vanderbilt University


Never Lock Your Doors

Top 10 colleges that are so safe, jaywalkers are the biggest felons

-Bennington College
-Bryn Mawr College
-Colgate University
-Davidson University
-Dartmouth College
-Haverford College
-Kenyon College
-Princeton University
-Wellesley College
-Wheaton College


All Business All The Time

Doctors, Lawyers and CEOs, Oh My! Top 10 schools where students are already looking beyond their undergrad years

-Amherst College
-Bucknell University
-Cornell University
-Davidson College
-Georgetown University
-University of Pennsylvania
-Princeton University
-Rice University
-Vanderbilt College
-Wake Forest University


Life Is But A Game

Jocktastic! Top 10 schools where sports rule.

-University of Alabama
-University of California-Los Angeles
-University of Florida
-University of Georgia
-Lousiana State University
-University of Michigan
-University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
-University of Notre Dame
-Ohio State University
-University of Texas - Austin


Best Kept Secrets

Top 10 schools that fly under the academic radar - but shouldn't

-Bard College
-Denison College
-Hampshire College
-Harvey Mudd College
-Kenyon College
-Knox College
-Ohio Wesleyan University
-Reed College
-Sarah Lawrence College
-Wabash College


Walk of Shame Hall of Fame

Top 10 schools where everybody gets "lucky"

-Arizona State University
-University of California-Santa Barbara
-Florida State University
-University of Miami
-Michigan State University
-University of Nevada-Las Vegas
-Penn State University
-Texas Tech University
-Vassar College
-University of Wisconsin-Madison


The New Ivies

These top 10 schools are the next generation of excellence

-Carnegie Mellon University
-Duke University
-Johns Hopkins University
-New York University
-Northwestern University
-Tufts University
-University of Virginia
-Washington University in St. Louis
-Wellesley College
-Williams College


Location, Location, Location

Top 10 schools whose locales are the envy of family and friends

-Boston University
-University of California-Berkeley
-University of California-San Diego
-University of Colorado-Boulder
-University of Georgia
-New York University
-Pepperdine University
-University of Texas-Austin
-Tulane University
-University of Vermont


Politicians & Pundits

Top 10 schools where students follow the beltway as closely as their studies

-American University
-Claremont McKenna College
-George Mason University
-George Washington University
-Hampshire College
-Macalester College
-Oberlin College
-Pitzer College
-Wesleyan University
-University of Wisconsin - Madison


Nietzschean Supermen (and Superwomen)

Top 10 Schools where the pursuit of knowledge goes far beyond the classroom.

-Brown University
-Carleton College
-Grinnell College
-Haverford College
-Macalester College
-Pomona College
-Reed College
-Swarthmore College
-University of Chicago
-Wesleyan University