Top 10 Things Every Vandy Sports Fan Should Know

Vanderbilt Sports

By Suzanne Reny

By Suzanne Reny
Unigo Campus Rep at Vanderbilt

10. There is always a sports game happening to go out and show your school spirit for.

9. When a sports team starts doing well, everyone becomes huge fans.

8. Basketball season is the most exciting sport on campus, so you have to get there early for seats!

7. We only dress up in “cocktail attire” for the football games

6. There will always be one person who has their body painted in black and gold at every game.

5. All tickets to games are free for students with your VU ID!

4. We are the ’Dores in honor of Vanderbilt’s founder who made his wealth as a Commodore.

3. Pep rally chant to know for all sports games: “Who you with?! VU!”

2. Vanderbilt loves football tailgating almost more than going to the games.

1. We pride ourselves being a D-1 university in the SEC, competing against large state schools