Top 10 Things Freshmen Must Know about USC Sports

University of Southern California Sports

By Bernadette Anat

By Bernadette Anat
Unigo Campus Rep at USC

USC Football

1. Buy your student season tickets early – they sell out quickly and scalpers outside of the Coliseum are not to be trusted.

2. If you plan on arriving less than 4 hours before kickoff, bring binoculars. Also, some Kleenex for when your nose bleeds.

3. You hate UCLA.

4. Never try to bike down Trousdale Parkway on game day. You’ll anger a lot of alumni that you’ll probably try to work for some day.

5. “Fight On” with your hand facing out; doing the opposite is not a great idea in South Central Los Angeles. Hold out your right hand with your middle and index finger making an outwards peace sign, or V-shape for “Victory”.

6. Don’t get annoyed that the USC Marching Band plays “Conquest” over 100 times per game; be grateful that our team gives us so many reasons to celebrate.


8. USC Head Coach Pete Carroll is to college football as Michael Jackson is to pop music; as Hugh Grant is to romantic comedies; as the Jonas Brothers are to your little sister. Worship accordingly.

9. As delicious as they smell, eat those bacon-wrapped “Dirty Dogs” sold from carts on game day at your own risk.

10. Stanford makes you uncomfortable. Notre Dame irks you on occasion. But YOU. HATE. UCLA!