Top 10 Things Freshmen Should Know About UGA Football

University of Georgia Football

By Courtney Mann

By Courtney Mann
Unigo Campus Rep at UGA

10. Saturdays Belong To Football
Every Saturday throughout football season students, family, and fans gather all over Athens in preparation for the day’s game. People can be found on North Campus and downtown, or at a party with friends if it is an away game. So leave your Saturdays to football.

9. “Between the Hedges”
Sanford Stadium is the home of the Georgia Dawgs. It’s the 6th largest stadium in the country! Everyone knows of the famous hedges that outline the field where the Bulldogs play and thus the saying “Tween the Hedges”

8. Mark Richt: The best since Vince Dooley
Vince Dooley coached the Bulldogs from the 1960s-1980s and also became the Athletic Director at Georgia. However, Mark Richt is the man on campus now. He came to UGA in 2001 and ever since has taught his players how to “finish the drill.” The two-time SEC coach of the year ended the 07-08 season with the No. 2 team in the country.

7. Tailgating is where it’s ok to act like a crazed fan 
Every home game North Campus is packed with dedicated Georgia fans. Everywhere you look there are people having a great time with their friends and family playing games, eating food, and shouting famous UGA chants. It’s the ideal place to be on a Saturday afternoon.

6. Remember to dress your best
UGA students are known for their attire to football games. Some people wear T-shirts but most dress up. Guys wear red or black polo’s and khakis or slacks with the “G” all over them and suspenders. Girls can be found in red or black dresses complemented with jewelry of the opposite color. Hey, we like to look good!

5. If nothing else go to the “Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” in Jacksonville when we play Florida
One of the best experiences a student can have is traveling down to Jacksonville, Florida for the biggest game of the year. The “Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” refers to the many, many fans that tailgate and attend this game. The Georgia/Florida game is always a defining moment in the season. The best part is the stadium being evenly split in half with that horrible blue on one side of the divide and our beautiful red on the other.

4. Larry Munson is the voice of the Dawgs
While he may be retired now it doesn’t mean the impact he had at UGA is forgotten. He dedicated so much to broadcasting the Georgia games and really made the fans who couldn’t attend feel like they were there. He would relay the game play by play with great enthusiasm. Many of Munson’s lines and quotes, such as “Hunker Down”,  have stuck and become part of the Bulldog Nation.

3. Make sure you know your game time traditions
At the beginning of every game a trumpet player plays the battle hymn to get the game started. The famous “Goooo Dawgs, Sic ‘em, Woof Woof Woof” for kickoffs. One side of the stadium saying Georgia then the other saying Bulldogs.

2. Uga is a student’s best friend
Uga is the bulldog mascot for UGA. The 2008 season is the first for Uga VII. Uga VI was the winningest mascot for the university who is now buried in the vault with the other predecessors. Uga travels with the team, takes pictures with fans, and even barks at (sometimes biting) the rivals.

1. Ring the Chapel Bell
At the end of every victorious game you can be sure to hear the Chapel Bell ringing.
Many people go to the bell and ring it and some even hold onto the rope for a little ride as the rope pulls them up and down. This is a huge tradition on campus and the bell has been broken numerous times over the years.