Top 10 Things to Know about CSU Sports

CSU Sports

By Melissa Shock
By Melissa Shock
Unigo Campus Rep at Colorado State

10. The Rocky Mountain Showdown (football between CU vs. CSU) is one of the most intense games of the year — you'll have to attend to find out!

9. Club sports are underrated — try to check them out! Water Polo, Golf, Rugby, Hockey...

8. They give free stuff out at almost every sporting game — so get there early!

7. CSU still participates in their Aggie traditions and has a competitive Rodeo team.

6. CSU Volleyball is currently rated number 13 in the nation! (And has previously been as high as number 4 in the nation!)

5. Get ready to fly through the air girls! Every time our football team scores, you can see hundreds of girls being thrown into the air to match the number of points CSU has.

4. There's one important thing that sets our football stadium, Hughes Stadium, apart from many others across the nation: We sell beer!

3. It's easier to play a sport than you think! Most club sports are pretty easy to get involved with.

2. There's a cheer-o-meter in the Arena (where basketball and volleyball are played) so show your school spirit!

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