Top Ten Sports Tidbits about Brandeis

Brandeis Sports

By Amy Mandel

By Amy Mandel
Unigo Representative at Brandeis

While Brandeis University isn’t exactly known for sports, sports are a big part of life at Brandeis. This top-10 list is meant to inform and educate you on the Brandeis sports scene. 

10. Sherman Dining Hall features competitive eating contests several times a year

9. Because a large number of students come from either New England or New York, baseball games between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, turn into an on-campus event with watching parties that provide the historic rivalry with fuel.

8. Brandeis features a large Intertube Water Polo Intramural league

7. Nelson Figueroa of the New York Mets is the only former Brandeis player to play in the MLB .

6. Brandeis football has proudly been undefeated since 1959— the year the team was disbanded.

5. The cheering section at basketball games is known as the Jury.

4. Campus legend says that when the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series, students celebrated by throwing furniture into the campus pond.

3. Opening home games are typically accompanied by a spirit-infused pep rally and free food.

2. The best place for Brandeis sports statistics is the JustCourt blog from the Justice.

1. Tim Morehouse ’00, an Olympic silver medalist in the team saber event, is Brandeis’ only Olympian.