Top Ten Things Freshmen Should Know About Case Sports

Case Western Athletics

By Youngmin Park

By Youngmin Park
Unigo Campus Representative at Case Western Reserve University

1. Soccer draws the largest crowds at Case.  The least popular sport is tennis, but it draws small but zealous crowds.

2. Our biggest rival is Carnegie Mellon University in all sports.

3. Being a varsity athlete at Case takes dedication, but you will be respected and get invited to parties after every game.

4. There are tons of club sports at Case so choose one that works for you.  The most popular are Ultimate Frisbee and Archery, but other well-known clubs include Kendo, Crew, and Fencing.

5. Participate in intramurals if you are short on time.  They only take between four and six hours a week with up to two hours at a time.

6. Our mascot is a Spartan.  Our mascot likes to mingle with the crowd and have his picture taken.

7. Many Case athletes are easy to get along with.  They mingle with non-athletes all the time and tend to invite non-athletes to after-game parties.

8. Freshmen must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 to stay on varsity athletics.

9. “Case Sports deserves respect from students.” – Kenneth Nguyen

10. “Don't be afraid to try new things at Case.” – Hiroko Matsuyama