Top Ten Things to Know About Bryn Mawr Sports

By Megan Fortgang

By Megan Fortgang
Unigo Campus Rep at Bryn Mawr

1. Walking the stairs of the “Valley of Death” (aka the HUGE flight of stairs) leading to the gym is half the exercise.

2. The Real BMC Sport: how many hours you can go without sleeping.

3. All students must pass a swim test to graduate – may this have lead to the rampant fountain skinny-dipping on campus? (FYI - there are only 10 girls actually on the swim team…)

4. School Cheer: the Anassa Kata chant (… it’s in Greek)

5. Quidditch is real – minus that whole flying thing (look at Merion Green on a weekend around noon or anytime with those funny hoops sticking off of Haffner).

6. Most Popular Winter Sport: Tray-ing (you know… sledding on a dining hall tray?)

7. Most Popular Spectator Sport: Rugby

8. A new gym is being built during the 2009-2010 school year!

9. Best Long Distance Track & Field Event: Duck Pond Run (a rapid race of under 1.5 miles from BMC to the Haverford pond).   
10. Best Short Distance Track & Field Events: Parade Night (for freshman), Lantern Night runners (for sophomores), taking over the Senior Steps (for juniors) and the May Day Hoop Race  down Senior Row (for seniors).