University of Chicago

I would absolutely love to go to the University of Chigcago, but I feel like my chances are kinda slim. I'm going to be a senior in high school, my cumulative gpa is 4.08 (weighted), i've taken 2 AP classes, and will be taking two more this year, with six honors classes and this coming year i will be involved in my school's business program (we compete and the students are in charge of the school store). I am also planning on applying for two internships this coming school year. I got a 29 on the ACT, and extracurricular wise I feel like that is where I am really lacking. I was involved in track my freshman year, sophmore year I was involved in stage crew for two productions put on by my school, and the summer after sophmore year I got a job, which I still work at now. Do you think that i could get in??? Oh wait, I am also involved in my schools link crew (this will be my second year) and I make bingo prizes for my mom's nursing home. I think you're pretty good on the extracurricular front, and your GPA is stellar. If you really want to go to Chicago, I'd take the ACT again though, just to try and boost it up a little bit. 29 is very good, but you're going against people who boast 36s. If you break into the 30s, I think you'd have a lot better chance of getting in. Best of luck! :D by the way, I'm applying too. let's hope we both do well.... Okay, thank you so much, it makes me feel better about the whole thing, getting the perspective of someone who I don't actually know. Also I think you are right about my ACT score, which is why I'm taking it again in October. Best of luck to you as well :] I am really hoping to get into the University of Chicago as well. You sound like a fairly good student; just make sure your essays are awesome and you should be fine. I attended a biology program at UChicago this past summer and my RA, a student there, had a 30-ish ACT and a 3.8 GPA. Obviously she has a different scale than you, but I don;t think you should have too much to worry about. I hope this helps and good luck getting in!