University of Michigan Best Of’s

By Alison Denton

By Alison Denton
Unigo Campus Rep

Expresso Royale- Best Place to Get Free Wi-fi
With two accessible locations on the Michigan campus, Expresso Royale boasts free wifi access, copious seating, late hours, and hot coffee. “It’s a great place for meetings, its causal and not too quite” says Brittany Hazard, senior and movement science major.

Pizza House – Best Place to Grab a Late Night Meal
Open until 4 am most days of the week, this popular campus restaurant specializes in Italian and American fair. While this restaurant is a prime place to eat at any time in the evening, most students would agree that their take-out is even better. The most unique dish—the chapatti, a large pita filled with greens and their infamous chapatti sauce.

Amer’s – Best Place to Get Coffee
 Part coffee house, part delicatessen, this restaurant with three locations on campus is the best place for a wide variety of coffee drinks. With a location in the student center, the University of Michigan Union,, students can use their Wolverine cards to purchase anything on the Amer’s menu. With free Wi-fi connections and late operating hours, Amer’s is also a popular place to study.

Public Policy Building – Best Place to Study 
 Newly opened graduate facility, The Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy is the best kept study secret on campus. Technically, the facility is for graduate students only, but undergrads manage to sneak into the reading room every now and then. With plush seats, individual study carrel, an adjoining computer room, the public policy building is the best place to spend your time during finals season.

Good Time Charley’s – Best Bar
 A classic pub-style bar, Good Time Charley’s is best bar because of its atmosphere and Midnight Specials. Every night of the week, from 11pm til close, Good Time Charley’s has some of the best food and drink specials in town. Come Wednesday  for Karaoke Night.

The Intramural Building – Best Place to Work Out
 With two weight rooms, a pool, rock wall, basket ball courts, and a cardio terrace, this facility trumps the university’s other gym facilities by far. “The only problem with the IM Building is that it gets pretty busy in the evening, especially before spring break”, says Erin Deane senior and psychology major.
The Arboretum - Best Make-Out Spot On Campus
Referred to as the “The Arb”, this campus landscape is rich with scenic views and long trails. Tucked away benches make The Arb the perfect place to take someone special. Visiting the Arb is ideal during the fall when the foliage is bright. Year-round, it is also a great place for a run or a walk.

The Ugli Couches - Place to Take a Nap Between Classes
 Hardly the most comfortable couches in the world, but if you need to catch some z’s between classes this is the best spot. Close to campus and incredibly quiet, students often fall a sleep at the Undergraduate Library (UGLi) whether they mean to or not.

Grizzly Peak – Best Restaurant for Visiting Parents
 Nothing can be more exciting for a college student than getting that free meal when the parents are in town. While downtown Ann Arbor has its share of fine dining establishments, the best place to take you family is Grizzly Peak. Traditional American fair with a gourmet twist, Grizzly Peak’s food tastes even better as leftovers. The wait on Friday and Saturday nights tends to be pretty long since they don’t take reservations, but the food is well worth the wait.

Red Hawk – Best Place to Take a Date without Breaking the Bank
 Located on State Street, this pub-style restaurant is a great place to take date when funds are low. With a large selection of food, most entrees cost less than ten dollars. “The draft beer selection is great at Redhawk”, says Brendan Ash, senior and psychology major.

No Thai – Best Take-Out Food
 Specializing in stir fry and pad thai, No Thai is the best take out restaurant on campus. With the choice of  five different proteins (Chicken, Beef, Tofu, Shrimp, or Duck) and four different sauces (Weak Sauce, Medium, Yoga Flame, and Dim Mak “Death Touch”), the possibilities are endless. If you come to No Thai, you better be prepared to wait—often the line wraps around the block during dinner time.

NYPD Pizza – Best Place Slice of Pizza
 Despite your personal pizza preference—Chicago deep-dish or New York thin crust—NYPD (New York Pizza Depot) provides the best slices  on campus. This pizza place has unusual toppings like the Ziti pizza, a pizza with baked ziti pasta, as well as the classics. Open late, students enjoy ordering delivery from NYPD, too.

The Brown Jug – Best Place to Watch a Game
 Appropriately named after the Minnesota-Michigan rivalry relic, the little brown Jug, this campus stable is the best place to watch any sports game. Open since 1938, The Brown Jug is a classic sports bar. Seating is limited though. If you want to watch the game, you must grab a seat far ahead of time.

Ulrich’s – Best Place for School Supplies
 From calculators to texts books, Urlich’s is the best place for your school needs. With the best selection of Michigan emblem notebooks and folders, this is a popular destination for students at the beginning of a semester. Ulrich also buys back used textbooks at the end of the semester. 

Angell Hall Steps – Best Campus Photo-Op
 As one of the oldest buildings on campus, it’s hard to be a student at the University of Michigan without stepping foot into Angell Hall. With large Doric Columns and giant steps, the entrance to Angell Hall is an ionic campus feature.

The Diag – Best Place For Sun
 For the few weeks at the beginning and end of the school year, when the state of Michigan entertains the sun, the diag is the best place to catch some rays. The minute the weather turns, students camp out with their towels and sunscreen, even if it’s only 60 degrees. During the winter, students looking for a tan go Campus Tan on Church Street for the best alternative.

Library Reception Desk – Best On-Campus Job
 Though the compensation is minimal, the responsibilities are even smaller. The most popular and coveted on-campus job is working at any of the libraries’ reception desks. “The best part about this job is that I can do my homework while working” says Denise Price. Most students who work here see it as designated homework time that they get paid for.

Fifth Quarter – Best Under-21 Night Spot
 Newly opened bar, Fifth Quarter has established itself as the under-21 social scene. This night-club is for those who like to dance, not socialize.

South Forest or State Street – Best Parking Spots
The most coveted spots on campus, the parking spots on South Forest and State Street are the only locations where the time is unlimited and parking is free. It takes a good amount of luck to find a spot on these streets. With campus construction, these popular spots are few and far between.