Unusual Secrets at Colorado State

Colorado State University Campus

By Melissa Shock
By Melissa Shock
Unigo Campus Rep at CSU
Dec. 1, 2008

Audacious preachers, sex class, and haunted buildings, OH MY!

Colorado State University is full of interesting facts and unusual secrets — most of which are only known to students. With dozens of campus visitors, classes, and buildings around campus, it’s difficult to identify which ones possess the most peculiarity. Here are a just a few:

Brother Matt: The Travelin’ Preacher
CSU — Brother MattBrother Matt is a bold preacher that uses Colorado State’s free speech zone to condemn anyone who smokes, drinks, cusses, fornicates, wears baseball caps backwards, watches television, or listens to rock and roll. He comes to campus at least once a semester yelling at students reasons why they’re sure to go to hell. His arguments are themed on the basis that everyone is a sinner and needs to be saved. He’s typically one-sided and focuses on God’s judgments. The bravado of his statements are mostly laughable, calling to question how many people he’s actually alienating from Christianity based on the pure ridiculousness of his arguments. Although the way he goes about advocating to students is sometimes unreasonable, at least Brother Matt is encouraging passionate debate which could lead to new ideas and attitudes.

“Old Town” Gerry: The Ol’ Regular
CSU — CharacterA regular that people enjoy seeing around town is “Old Town” Gerry. He’s 80 years old and walks to nearly every downtown restaurant and bar in the mid-afternoon. He does this in search of good conversation rather than handouts or free drinks. He then goes back to his home (lofted above Starbucks in the heart of downtown or “Old Town”) to nap, and then makes his second round to Jay’s Bistro in the evening to listen to well known Jazz players. He does this every single day. Bartenders and Old Town regulars all know Gerry by name and expect his visits, most calling him a local celebrity. Gerry shakes everyone’s hand when seeing them and kisses his female friends. Upon seeing Gerry walk into the bar, female students run up to him hugging and kissing his cheeks while their male counterparts recognize that Gerry gets more play than they do!

Psychology of Human Sexuality: Fantasies and Porn
One of the most infamous classes on the CSU campus is “Psychology of Human Sexuality” with Larry Bloom. While only being a 100 level class, it’s filled with nearly 400 juniors and seniors and is the most popular course on campus. Class topics include the best contraception, sexual deviance, cross-dressing, and how to increase sexual endurance. While these issues may be a tad controversial in any other environment, every student knows what they signed up for and are enthusiastic and eager to participate in class discussions. There are two extra notorious days in class — both boasts dozens of student visitors. First is the discussion of sexual fantasies where students are encouraged to anonymously write down what tickles their fancy and Professor Bloom reads the most scandalous ones out loud. The second day includes videos of sexual education, which are simply glorified pornography. Dr. Bloom doesn’t require students to attend this class in case they’re easily offended, but student reactions are sure to ignite attention.

Student Services Building: Where Things Appear Wacky
CSU — Student ServicesThe Student Services building on CSU’s campus has been known to creep out some people. It’s located near the Oval and part of the “old campus”. Its dull and aged appearance adds to the buildings haunting pretext and spooky sensations. The story goes that the architect that designed the building lost his mind during the process, which explains the wacky floor plan. There is no way to get from one end of the building to the other and there are many half floors. Soon after the building was complete, the architect was committed to an insane asylum after his plans of murdering his wife and burying her and himself in the building were discovered. This same architect designed 12 other buildings around campus, including Ammons Hall. This hall was previously a women’s recreation center with a pool. Since then it has been remodeled and the pool has been masked, but people still claim to hear people swimming and splashing at times.

Only a few Colorado State secrets have been revealed. There are sure to be many more, some even in the works as we speak. These weird CSU facts only add to the university’s appeal and truly make it unique.