URI Campus Curiosities

URI Campus

By Katie Hansen

By Katie Hansen
Unigo Campus Rep at URI

The Trail - At the start of every school year, freshman move in and soon discover something that students before them know well, the trail. The trail is a long dirt path through the woods that leads into the freshman dorms. However, there is no lighting in the trail and all freshman have to walk through it to get to their dorms so at night time, it can be a very scary place. Many students just run through. It’s best to talk to someone while you’re walking through because if it’s too silent, many students say they hear weird noises deep in the woods.

Strange Wood Sculpture - Next to the fine arts building at URI, is a strange wooden stick sculpture. No body knows what it is, who made it, or why it is there but it has been there for years. And no matter how windy it gets, and it gets extremely windy in Rhode Island, or how bad the weather is, this sculpture stands perfectly day after day.

Weird Dome - The “weird dome” as many people call it is something that students can’t seem to figure out. No one knows what this dome is for, it has been said that science students use it, but no one is ever seen coming in or out and there are no windows so it isn’t possible to look inside. It’s in a very strange location, just on the side of the path that everyone walks along to get to classes. It is definitely a place that no one can figure out.

Lippett Hall - This building has classrooms in it and is used normally throughout the day. However, it is somewhat scary looking. It’s a very old building and some students say that when they walk by it late at night they see strange shadows in the windows. When daylight comes and classes begin, the building seems completely normal. Strange activity only has been said to go on at night time.

Creepy Coffee - There are a bunch of places to get coffee at URI. However, there is one coffee shop that you wouldn’t even know about unless someone told you. Called Chai Me, it is hidden in a far corner of the Union and everyone who has been there says that they have a very weird feeling whenever they go in. However, it is said to have very good coffee. But student after student says that it isn’t only weird how hidden this coffee shop is, but they always get an eerie feeling when they are there.