Walk of Shame Hall of Fame

Top 10 schools Where Everybody Gets "Lucky"

By Unigo Editors

Let’s not beat around the bush; college life is hard. Students seeking a stimulating learning experience must be masters of their academic domain and face associated pressures so deep and rousing, they penetrate the soul. Rather than submit to a life dominated by scholarly pursuits, many have learned to strip away their stress in the many pleasures of the flesh. With 30,000 student votes under our belt, we’ve felt out the Top 10 Schools where getting it on is a climactic part of the college experience. Make sure your windows don’t fog up while you read them.


Arizona State University

Arizona State University is perfectly situated between Tempe and Phoenix, two hotbeds of sun, skin and carousing. Tempe’s Mills Avenue, in particular, is a popular spot for college-aged crowds to roam about in their quest to get intimate with one another. And the pickings are far from slim. The guys and gals of Arizona State are “absolutely beautiful men and women.” This leads to “the ‘Barbie and Ken go to college’ stereotype,” but students insist – by the time they graduate – their beauty is almost always matched by their brains. “Seriously, you can’t graduate from college based on looks alone.” Nonetheless, during freshman year, there are always “blond, cheeky sorority girls who come to ASU flush with family money and ready to party,” and “confused guys determined to re-experience their high school years, full of hooking up and heavy drinking.” As the years pass most students learn to behave with some modicum of discretion, but that doesn’t change the reality of freshman year at ASU, which many summed up in two words: “Completely hedonistic.”


University of California-Santa Barbara

California dreaming is the constant reality for students at the beautiful and sunny UC Santa Barbara. Students love the city of Santa Barbara itself and “party all the time,” which naturally leads to a little bit of fun amongst the “ridiculously good looking and sexually-active” population. In fact, some say the students are so sexually active they “sleep around too much,” leading to an “STD stereotype.” Nonetheless, many UC Santa Barbara students are quick to fight back – “As for the STD stereotype, I don’t have one, nobody I’ve ever hooked up with has had one, and none of my friends have any, so that stereotype about socially outgoing students isn’t totally true.” A more conservative student sums up the atmosphere thusly: “Let’s just say I’m one of the few students at UCSB that doesn’t drink, smoke or sleep with anything that walks. One of the few. And we’ll leave it at that.”


Florida State University-Tallahassee

When people hear the words ‘Florida State’, Bobby Bowden and the football team are one of the first things that come to mind. We’re here to say Florida State has some other, equally impressive assets – namely, the 40,000+ “completely and totally hot” students who “love to party.” The guys at Florida State couldn’t be more enthusiastic about their female counterparts here, saying again and again “the best thing about FSU is the girls. They are gorgeous, they have brains, they are hot. Can I say it again? They are hot.” Neither male nor female students report much of a dating scene – “Dates are not very common, as there are many students who are primarily looking for one night stands and playing around.” But, when dates do happen, places to check out include “the pastoral fountain on Wescott, or the Kissing Bench on Landis Green.” A final student sums up the atmosphere surrounding Florida State nicely: “There is something to do here absolutely every night of the week – including going to a bar, a club, getting drunk, trying to get laid. Tallahassee – especially the ‘Strip’ on Tennessee Street – really is a veritable vortex of debauchery.”


University of Miami

The University of Miami has 15,000 students, which makes it considerably smaller than the other Florida schools on our list. Nonetheless, it’s only a short distance from the non-stop debauchery of South Beach, and that means the population here has as much fun (and gets into as much trouble) as student bodies twice their size. Both male and female students report placing a special emphasis on looking good after dark – “everyone is done up to the nines every time they go out at night.” But it seems to be equally important to look good during the daylight hours. “Everyone is always dressed up in their trendy clothes and/or skimpy beachwear when they head to class and when they’re walking around campus.” All this effort is definitely appreciated by all. “Every day I look around and I’m amazed at how gorgeous our student body is,” a sophomore female reports. “U. Miami girls are beautiful, and there are just so many of them you won’t know what to do!” her male classmate counters. Sounds like the recipe for a happy student body to us!


Michigan State University

Michigan State’s East Lansing is like a mini-city, populated almost entirely by Michigan State students. Like many of the schools on this list, that means there’s ample opportunity to meet new friends. It also means, if you happen to fall into bed with a new friend, you probably won’t be running into them by accident the following day. This isn’t to say students don’t find themselves wanting to re-find that special-someone-from-last-night, turning casual hook-ups into more serious dates. “MSU girls are hot, confident and smart, they know how to live their lives.” “The guys here are extremely popular, sexy and intelligent. Every sorority wants to do something with them.” Student after student called their classmates, on the whole, both happy and genetically blessed. “At MSU, the student ‘body’ (wink, wink) is probably as good as one could wish for.” Whether they’re looking for dates, hook-ups or something in between, when unwinding on weekends students fully appreciate their peers. “On a Saturday night, students here are known to become EXTRA friendly.” From the votes and the tales we’ve heard, Michigan State more than earns its place on this list.


University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as the city of sin – the place where Americans travel to unwind and party. Ever wonder what it would be like to go to college in Vegas? Well, wonder no more: “There’s gambling, there’s alcohol, there’s skin … and then there’s class in the morning.” And, contrary to what you might imagine, these classes are every bit as strenuous as those offered by institutions in less debauched locations. “Students are definitely working hard here, they’re not just majoring in things like Bartending and Pole Dancing. However, I wouldn’t put it past UNLV from offering occasional classes like that just for fun.” When class is over, the fun comes out in force. “There are lots of sororities and fraternities, and there’s always someone on campus promoting clubs and bars. There’s lots of alcohol, lots of attractive students, lots of getting it on.” A final student sums up, “If you’re looking for sin, check out the extraordinary and good-looking students who attend UNLV!”


Penn State-University Park

Penn State – University Park dominates the Pennsylvania landscape with well over 30,000 young adults living on campus. Throw in an active Greek scene, amazing football and basketball teams, good-looking students and lots of liquor, and you have a strong recipe to stir up the libido. “A lot of people date,” one student began, “but a LOT of people hook-up, instead.” “Partying is a major activity here, and most students love to be a part of it. It’s a great way to meet other Penn Staters, if you know what I mean.” Students report a fair amount of partying and hooking up while drinking, which occasionally leads to “frat guys trying to prove their manliness in front of hot girls by fighting other guys at the party.” But, in case you’re worried about the damage this could cause if the frat guy in question was also one of Penn State’s famous (and famously well-muscled) football players, one student reports: “Rest assured, I’ve actually never seen an inebriated footballer clobber any innocents. That said, I know of quite a few girls (and boys) who really wouldn’t mind being tackled by a Nittany Lions football player.” If that makes you hungry to hear more … it made us hungry to hear more, too. But not every student at Penn State is willing to divulge everything that happens there. “Ha! The stories I could tell you…”


Texas Tech University

In West Texas, the rumor goes, there’s a Texas Tech student for every tumbleweed you see. With over 30,000 students, this is one rumor that could well be true. Moving on to the rumors that are false … “It’s said that many students at Texas Tech have STD’s because we’re so sexually active.” “They call it ‘Raider Rash.’” “This is so not true … in fact, we have the 2nd lowest number of STD’s in the Big 12!” While other students don’t vouch for STD ratios, they do vouch for the fact that students here are definitely on the attractive side. “The females are beautiful girls. We were ranked number 2 in the nation for hottest girls by Playboy!” A female student chimes in, “I’ve gotta say, the hottie stereotype does hold up.” And, where there are hot people, “it’s not hard to meet a potential crush.” “Whether you’re looking to hook up, or you’re looking to date, at Texas Tech everyone can find someone to click with so long as they are willing to put in a little effort!”


Vassar College

Not too long ago, Vassar was an all-women’s liberal arts college with an emphasis on literature and expanding the cultural horizons of its students. With the introduction of men into the student population, times they are a’ changing. Now boasting a 2:3 male to female student ratio, the men of Vassar College have a real leg up on their competitors at other schools. As a female student reports, “Men are high demand here since there are few of them, even fewer that are straight, and even fewer that are single. Guys who fit this bill will have girls all over them.” But it’s not just the uneven number of males and females that creates a strong hook-up environment. “Lust is simply in the air” at left-leaning Vassar, where “conversation topics almost always revolve around sex, gossip or music.” There’s even an official school publication called Squirm: “a journal of smut and sensibility, exploring sex and sexuality, involving lots of nudity and non-mainstream attitudes about sex.” All this said, one student offers an important caveat: “Vassar College is lovely and small. There are many hook-ups on campus, but – as with any small school – be prepared to run into that guy or girl all the time from then on out. Sometimes it’s fine. Other times, it can get a bit awkward.” Consider yourselves warned.


University of Wisconsin-Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison houses more than 30,000 undergrads. According to students, this means you’ll never have to have fun with the same people twice if you don’t want to. The expansive university has “lots of guys and girls to choose from, whether you are heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual.” One student even attached percentages to the proportion of harmless messing around vs. serious dating: “At least for freshman year, it’s definitely 25/75 … 25% go into long term relationships, and 75% stay focused on hooking up.” While students of both genders report “there are lots of cuties on campus,” “the girls seem a bit more inclined towards the dating end of things than the boys.” As for what goes on before students even begin talking about dating, a junior biology major sums it up: “Sometimes students from other schools will ask me where I go to college, and I will say ‘Wisconsin.’ Their excited expression will instantly turn to shame, and all they will manage to get out is an ‘oh’, because they immediately know no story they can tell will top what I have done. I will not need to say a thing, they will just understand. They know that their wildest night of college was just a regular Thursday for us. We Wisconsin kids are a special breed. And – trust me – everyone else is jealous.”