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Top 10 schools where everybody gets "lucky"

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University

Penn State – University Park dominates the Pennsylvania landscape with well over 30,000 young adults living on campus. Throw in an active Greek scene, amazing football and basketball teams, good-looking students and lots of liquor, and you have a strong recipe to stir up the libido. “A lot of people date,” one student began, “but a LOT of people hook-up, instead.” “Partying is a major activity here, and most students love to be a part of it. It’s a great way to meet other Penn Staters, if you know what I mean.” Students report a fair amount of partying and hooking up while drinking, which occasionally leads to “frat guys trying to prove their manliness in front of hot girls by fighting other guys at the party.” But, in case you’re worried about the damage this could cause if the frat guy in question was also one of Penn State’s famous (and famously well-muscled) football players, one student reports: “Rest assured, I’ve actually never seen an inebriated footballer clobber any innocents. That said, I know of quite a few girls (and boys) who really wouldn’t mind being tackled by a Nittany Lions football player.” If that makes you hungry to hear more … it made us hungry to hear more, too. But not every student at Penn State is willing to divulge everything that happens there. “Ha! The stories I could tell you…”