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Top 10 schools where everybody gets "lucky"

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University

In West Texas, the rumor goes, there’s a Texas Tech student for every tumbleweed you see. With over 30,000 students, this is one rumor that could well be true. Moving on to the rumors that are false … “It’s said that many students at Texas Tech have STD’s because we’re so sexually active.” “They call it ‘Raider Rash.’” “This is so not true … in fact, we have the 2nd lowest number of STD’s in the Big 12!” While other students don’t vouch for STD ratios, they do vouch for the fact that students here are definitely on the attractive side. “The females are beautiful girls. We were ranked number 2 in the nation for hottest girls by Playboy!” A female student chimes in, “I’ve gotta say, the hottie stereotype does hold up.” And, where there are hot people, “it’s not hard to meet a potential crush.” “Whether you’re looking to hook up, or you’re looking to date, at Texas Tech everyone can find someone to click with so long as they are willing to put in a little effort!”