Welcome to the New Millenium Dorms

Interview With Dorm Design Team

By Max Baumgarten

Many of us have arrived at what might seem (at the time) like great ideas while in a college dorm room. Truth be told, most of those ingenious schemes are promptly forgotten about within twenty-four hours of conception…..following through is awfully time-consuming. Enter Bryce Widelitz and Taylor Robinson –both recent graduates of University of Arizona — and their pet project, DesignYourDorm.com. Appropriately enough, the idea for DesignYourDorm.com was conceived in their sophomore-year quarters: Customize your dorm room along in 3D with your future roommate before you actually get to college. Talk about intelligent design. Their website just launched and their goal is to work with several schools for the freshman class of 2009. The PreReq started a Facebook correspondence with the dynamic duo to discuss dorms (of course), landlines, and the ladies.

Max Baumgarten: How did you guys meet each other?

Bryce Widelitz and Taylor Robinson : We have been friends since 7th grade. We went to different high schools, but remained close. Went to college together and were roommate’s freshman, sophomore and senior year.

MB: How did you guys come up with the idea for DesignYourDorm.com?

BW: Taylor came up with the idea sophomore year in college. We talked one night and said we would stay up for at least an hour thinking of business ideas. With a million different ideas running through his head, Taylor remained awake until 5 am at which point he had to force himself to go to sleep. Right before falling asleep, a light bulb went off. He realized that incoming college freshmen have no real idea of what their dorm looks like and what can fit in it. Freshmen have to wait until they arrive at school in order to figure out what can fit in their room and how they want to outfit it.

MB: Explain how this bad boy actually works………..

BW and TR: DYD provides a unique 3D web-based tool, allowing incoming college freshmen to customize their Residential Life assigned dorm room and establish roommate relationships prior to arriving at college. The student can go ahead and design their room by clicking and dragging items into the room such as wall décor, bed sheets, various electronics among many other dorm essentials, as well as re-arrange the furniture that comes with the room. Once the student outfits their dorm with their favorite products, they simply save their design, checkout, and have the items shipped to their dorm room.

MB: What is the most useless accessory found in most dorm rooms?

BW and TR: The most useless item found in dorm rooms is a land line telephone… nobody uses it. Or books…haha.

MB: Can a solid dorm room design actually help impress the ladies?

BW and TR: We definitely believe a solid dorm room design can “impress the ladies”. People were always in our room because we set up a nice sound system along with a good-sized television. Our goal was to create a comfortable and inviting living environment with items such as posters, cork-board, comfortable chairs, etc. We attached a white-board to the outside of our door, which turned out to be one of the most popular dorm items that we purchased. If we were not in our room when friends came by, they could leave a message for us on the white-board.