what are my chances

what are my chances of getting in to howard university i have a 2.5 gpa i am very smart but i haven't trying now i'm heading to 11th grade next school year i'm getting more serious if i get all A's for the next to years do you think i could make it then if i did make it i don't even know how i would pay for it is it to late for me Brandon, College admission counselors like to see an upward trend in grades. So continue to work hard, take challenging classes and be involved in your school and community. Take a look at Howard's admissions information page on basic requirements for consideration - http://www.howard.edu/enrollment/admission/ftic.htm. I would also encourage you to reach out to the admissions counselor that covers your home state. Send an email introducing yourself and ask some questions about the school. There are many colleges that are out there for you - you need to continue to round out your list, and look for schools that make the most sense for you academically, socially and financially.