Financial Literacy for College Students

What is Financial Literacy? Financial literacy is knowing how to make wise choices about money. Like, paying off your student loans or saving enough so you could retire when you get older. Financial literacy for college students is important because someone who has financial education knows how to manage student debts, savings, and investments. They likely know how to make a budget to ensure their earnings cover their expenses. And, they tend to understand the […]

50 Colleges Waiving SAT and ACT Scores for Incoming Freshman

More Colleges are Waiving SAT and ACT Scores for Incoming Freshman Many colleges are waiving SAT and ACT scores for incoming freshman because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many test dates had to be cancelled for health and safety reasons. So, students were left unsure of how to take these standardized tests. To solve this dilemma, many schools are letting students apply without test scores and testing requirements. In some cases, colleges waiving SAT scores for incoming freshman is temporary. Once testing can happen safely, some schools may ask for SAT and ACT […]