Environmental Restoration Planners

What they do:

Collaborate with field and biology staff to oversee the implementation of restoration projects and to develop new products. Process and synthesize complex scientific data into practical strategies for restoration, monitoring or management.

On the job, you would:

  • Notify regulatory or permitting agencies of deviations from implemented remediation plans.
  • Develop environmental restoration project schedules and budgets.
  • Develop and communicate recommendations for landowners to maintain or restore environmental conditions.
  • Create diagrams to communicate environmental remediation planning using geographic information systems (GIS), computer-aided design (CAD), or other mapping or diagramming software.
  • Apply for permits required for the implementation of environmental remediation projects.
  • Review existing environmental remediation designs.
  • Supervise and provide technical guidance, training, or assistance to employees working in the field to restore habitats.
  • Provide technical direction on environmental planning to energy engineers, biologists, geologists, or other professionals working to develop restoration plans or strategies.
  • Plan or supervise environmental studies to achieve compliance with environmental regulations in construction, modification, operation, acquisition, or divestiture of facilities such as power plants.
  • Inspect active remediation sites to ensure compliance with environmental or safety policies, standards, or regulations.




Work Activities


Work Styles