Highly selective colleges and the applicants they accept

What is it that the most prestigious colleges are looking for when they admit their applicants? For the most part, admissions counselors from highly selective colleges are looking to form well-rounded classes. In their quest to do this, they’re seeking students who have a level of uniqueness and who show a depth and breadth of academic as well as extracurricular accomplishments and talents.

5 myths about college admissions today

Frantic parents, stressed out students, overworked guidance counselors…welcome to the cutthroat world of college admission! Last year, 2.9 million students graduated from high school, and more than 60% of them chose to pursue a college degree. Admission rates to Ivy League and other highly selective schools have plummeted to new lows. Last year, for example, Yale admitted only 8.3% of its applicants, and Stanford only accepted 12% of the candidates who scored a perfect 800 on the SAT Math exam.

Wrap up the season on a positive note

By lwilliams A well-deserved winter break is just around the corner. And, this could be the perfect time to knock off some things on your college to-do list. We know what you’re thinking already. “But I need a break!” And, you’re right. That’s why we created this list of activities for the end of the season that are not only fun, but will also look great on a college application.

High School Senior Holiday To-Do List

By lwilliams We look forward to the Thanksgiving holiday just like the next person. Who doesn’t like time with family and friends, stuffing your face with some good food, and relaxing a little? But, if you are a high school senior, this is probably not the best time to chill out. College applications are due soon, not to mention the loads of other tasks you need to finish before graduation. And, while it may be tempting […]

College rejection letter? Just shake it off!

By tkrause OK, can we just be completely honest here? Nobody likes to be rejected — especially when you’ve put your heart and soul into something. Whether it’s getting turned down for prom or receiving a crappy grade on a test you spent days cramming for, rejection blows. But, nothing stings worse than those thin college letters and short emails that scream you’re not good enough to go there #youcantsitwithus. Somehow, we all get sucked into […]

5 fun ways to use those college brochures

By tkrause Is your bedroom floor littered with college marketing materials? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Just about every high school senior is dealing with an avalanche of glossy brochures that keep jamming up their mailboxes. And, the worst part is that some of this junk mail keeps coming from the same colleges (Desperate much?). Hello? Stop sending us shit already. Yes, your pictures of smiling students and uber green campuses are exactly what will make […]

Top tips for prospective NCAA athletes in the admissions process

By UnigoEach year, The Edge advises hundreds of students on the college application process to US universities. While the application process might seem straightforward for many students, there are “special” cases such as athletes, artists, and performers for which the process probably seems as easy as navigating an Alice in Wonderland-like labyrinth. Today’s post will focus on prospective athletes and will offer some tips for navigating the process.1. Put Yourself Out ThereUnless you’re an All-American athlete, […]

Early Action or Early Decision: Is it right for you?

By lwilliamsThere are some great advantages to getting an early start, and applying to college is no exception. Each year, approximately 450 colleges and universities offer students the opportunity to apply through either Early Action or Early Decision. By submitting your application early, you may receive your decision months before those who applied through the regular admissions process. As a high school senior, nothing is more stressful than waiting on that acceptance letter during the spring semester […]

Be Smart, Not Compromised, Online

By unigoofficeBe Smart, Not Compromised, Online by Michael Fertik A new semester starts and with it, all the chances to share on social: Instagram, Twitter, Ask.fm, Facebook, FourSquare etc. You can become defined instantly by a few seconds on Vine, a surreptitious filming with a stranger’s Google Glasses or through an errant, kneejerk post. Friends. Family. Complete strangers. Everyone’s a publisher, able to broadcast our public and private lives in a heartbeat (case in point: the […]