What it’s like to attend a school with a small, moderate, or intense party scene

Right up there with academics and athletics, students have strong opinions about how their school is viewed in terms of its party scene. Some take pride in a prevalent rowdy, boozy culture, while others like partying at their campus to be kept to a more discreet minimum. But what is it really like to attend a campus with an intense, moderate, or small party scene, according to students?

Going to the UK for a college degree: Why you should consider and how to do it

Going to school in the UK can mean a world-class education and an international experience at a price well below that of a private, four-year American university. Most universities in the UK accept financial aid provided by the U.S. federal government, so the move across the Atlantic can be even more palatable if you qualify for those wonderful grants.

Finding the right college fit for students with physical disabilities

If you are a student about to enter your senior year of high school, summer is probably a well-deserved breather following a year that may have felt like a marathon of finals, extra-curricular commitments and standardized testing.  However, the respite will be short-lived.  As summer winds down and the school year approaches, most students entering their final year of high school are beginning to think about college in earnest and put the quest for admission to the right college into a higher gear.