Ignore the Rankings

Did you know that over 70% of students get into their first choice college? And colleges typically admit more than two thirds of their applicants. So, why all the hype about extremely low acceptance rates and rankings at “elite colleges?” The reports fuel frenzy and students feel like their chances of admission are very low, overall.

Admissions Decisions: Acceptance to denial and everything in between

While students are expecting to read the words “…pleased to inform you that your have been accepted…” and are praying fervently not to read “…regret to inform you…” students may not be aware that there are several other acceptance decisions that admissions offices use. Here are a few of the other common admissions decisions applicants may consider.

From Straight-Laced to Unlaced: Women’s colleges in the twentieth century

In the first half of the twentieth century, middle- and upper-class white, American women were expected to get married and raise families. Job options were limited: women in medicine were nurses, not doctors; women in education were teachers, not principals. Those who attended women’s colleges—often their only option for private higher education—were no exception.