Tough economic times prompt new questions for college visits

Many colleges have maintained or have even increased financial aid for the coming academic year in order to meet the needs of the increasing number of families unable to pay the full cost. Some schools continue to devote resources to financial aid so they can draw and retain desired students. Obviously pressure on endowments and college budgets means that the additional funds for financial aid had to come from somewhere.

College trip tips

I don’t think there are many of you out there that would buy an expensive pair of jeans or a new car without trying it out. You can read about it, look at pictures, but you really don’t know how it fits you. The same would be true of one of your biggest investments – your college education. College brochures are attractive, websites offer details relating to statistics, but what you really need to do is to see it, to know if you can ultimately see yourself there.

College visit: Questions to ask on your overnight stay

Decision letters have arrived and—surprise! You’ve been accepted to your top-choice schools. Now that you’re deciding where to go, one of your best sources of uncensored information is the overnight campus visit. The work isn’t over just because applications are in. Here’s a rundown of questions to ask to get the most out of that campus visit. 

Take a virtual campus tour

By lwilliams We live in the future. Think about it. Cars park themselves, robots vacuum our homes, and we carry computers in our pockets. The only thing missing is a hover board (you have until next year, Mattel!). So, why not use that technology to search for colleges? We have thousands of student reviews — with pictures and videos from real students. Not those glossy university pamphlets with pristine plazas and idyllic dorm rooms. Learn what it’s really […]

Keeping the Peace During College Tours

By tkrauseArticle by Tamara KrauseThis spring, I will be spending a few weeks with my daughter touring college campuses; she’s a sophomore in high school and eager to start exploring her options. Just as her brother did before her, she has visions of stepping onto a campus and finding her perfect match. Fortunately for her, I have learned a thing or two about college tours over the years, which means her experience may actually come pretty […]

Simple Tips for Planning Your College Visits

By unigoofficeIf you’ve ever purchased a large ticket item, like your first car, chances are you spent some time shopping around, making sure you got the right color and model, not to mention all the bells and whistles, before you plunked down your hard-earned cash. Well, shopping for your future college is very similar. It’s a long-term investment, and if you buy before taking it for a test drive, you could wind up with a lemon. […]

Second Choice School? It Really Can Be an Epic Win!

By unigoofficeSecond Choice School? It Really Can Be an Epic Win!  Nina Berler The leaves aren’t turning yet, but with dorm supplies in stores and packed-up cars on the highways, it’s clear that it’s time to go (back to) college. While that should put joy on the faces of many students and parents, at times it raises skepticism and doubt. What happens when students are headed off to a college that wasn’t their top choice,  maybe not […]

Maximizing College Visit Effectiveness

By unigoofficeMaximizing College Visit Effectiveness, Nina Berler As I meet with high school students and their parents this summer, the subject of college visits inevitably comes up. I tell them what a close friend told me when my son was a rising sophomore: there will always be one school visit that won’t materialize because the student refuses to get out of the car! Less than a year after hearing that, I found out what my friend […]

Get Ready for College Orientation!

By unigoofficeOver the next few weeks, students across the country will be making the trek to their chosen colleges and participating in new student orientation activities. Several colleges now mandate that freshmen attend orientation before they are allowed to register for fall classes, but some schools, especially those that hold events earlier in the summer, still leave the decision to participate up to the students. Even if attendance is not required, you should seriously consider participating […]