Frequently Asked Questions About the F-1 Student Visa

By Annie Rose Stathes Q: How long can I stay in the United States with my F-1 student visa? A: The F-1 student visa typically allows you to stay in the United States for as long as you have student status. To maintain your status as a student, and to keep your F-1 visa, you must be enrolled in full-time studies at your U.S. educational institution. If you haven’t completed your academic or language studies and your […]

Creative Ways to Fund a Study Abroad Experience

By UnigoCan you image completing your homework assignments under the shade of the Eiffel Tower or in a remote village in a South American country? If so, a study abroad experience may be in your future. College is one of the few moments in your life where you can take some risks and try new things, such as studying in a foreign land. With so many programs to choose from, the possibilities are only limited by […]