Breaking up is hard to do: deciding to transfer colleges

By lwilliams Sometimes we simply fall for the wrong one. Other times they’re only meant to be in our lives for a short time — to help us grow, learn about our strengths and weaknesses, and leave us with the opportunity to move on to something bigger and better. And then there are those that just need a chance to prove they were “the one” all along. Are we getting too sappy? There’s no need to […]

Transferring 101: How to Keep Your College Credits

college transfer credits

Are you thinking about switching colleges? Did you know that many colleges have strict policies for transfer students when it comes to keeping credits? It can be difficult to understand which classes count and which don’t, but we have some suggestions that will help you save time and money during the transfer process.

Making the transfer transition: How to have the best college experience after transferring

The first thing that will make your transfer process easier is keeping an organized binder of all your important documents: transcripts, letters from your professors, housing documents, and any other documents your new school sends you. This way, you can keep on top of everything you need to do before the big move and have extra copies of documents readily available if your new college accidentally loses anything

Transfer 101: The ins and outs of switching schools

Filling out college applications the first go-around was probably enough to make you thankful you’d never have to do it again. But if you’re thinking about transferring, get ready for round two.  Whether you are considering transferring for social or academic reasons, before you don a different school’s paraphernalia and donate your first college hoodie to the Salvation Army, make sure you have a battle plan for how to transfer.