Consumer Protection Scholarship for Law/Graduate Students

Applicant must meet the following criteria: – Students must be currently enrolled in law school or graduate program within the United States – College seniors who will be graduating before the scholarship deadline and are able to provide proof of enrollment in a law school or graduate program at a U.S. accredited college or university are eligible to apply.

Eco-Friendly Scholarship

The scholarship program is available to undergraduate, graduate, and law school students as well as incoming college freshmen at an accredited institution in the United States. The candidate must be in good academic standing with at least a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA.

Stand up for Justice Scholarship

To be eligible for the Stand Up for Justice Scholarship, applicants must be either a current law student at an accredited law school within the United States or an undergraduate student at an accredited college or university in the United States planning to attend law school. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and an interest in the legal field.

Glotzer & Leib Personal Injury Scholarship Fund.

Glotzer & Leib is a personal injury law firm serving accident victims in Southern California. Their mission to empower Californians goes beyond helping after an accident. Education empowers everyone. That’s why they’ve launched the Glotzer & Leib Personal Injury Scholarship Fund. We’re proud to support recipients by helping them cover college-related expenses. The winner(s) will receive a check for $1000 and the scholarship is offered bi-annually. The $1000 check will be made payable directly to […]

GAR Disability Advocates ™ Scholarship

GAR Disability Advocates ™ is a specialized advocacy firm located in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. GAR is devoted to helping individuals obtain long term disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. At GAR Disability Advocates, they believe that everyone, regardless of background or social status, is entitled to high-quality legal representation to fight for their rights. In order to fulfill the need for high-quality lawyers and legal professionals in the workforce, they commit to help […]

Drummond Law Firm Scholarship

Drummond Law Firm offers a $1,000 scholarship. Eligible applicants must be high-school students currently in a JROTC or Boy Scout Explorer program that has been accepted to and will be attending a post-high school institution in the United States. Students currently enrolled in a college and are members of their college’s ROTC program or U.S Military Veterans that is currently enrolled in post-high school institution or graduate school are also eligible.

Curley Business Law Scholarship

The Curley Law Firm, located in Houston TX specializes in business law. Run by Adam Curley, the firm believes that everyone, regardless of background, is entitled to high-quality legal representation. In order to fill the need for high-quality lawyers and legal professionals, he is committed to helping students in need to afford higher education. In order to enable more students who are passionate about law to pursue a degree, the Curley Law Firm is sponsoring […]

Chapman / Albin Scholarship for Law Students

Chapman / Albin is a Cleveland-based fraud law firm serving clients across the USA. Before receiving the award, recipient will be required to demonstrate enrollment at an accredited law school in the U.S. A check for $1,000 will be made to the scholarship recipient’s law school of choice to cover expenses. Scholarship is to be used exclusively to cover law school tuition and other related expenses such as books or room/board. Recipient is expected to […]