Easy Scholarships that are No Brainers

What are Some of the Easiest Scholarships to Apply for? Easy scholarships are simple and quick to apply for. They may also be considered no essay scholarships. The application form may take less than 5 minutes to complete. It’s way more different from the college application process! Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. All you do is register for a chance to win and click on submit. How easy is that? Eligibility is usually […]

Financial Literacy for College Students

What is Financial Literacy? Financial literacy is knowing how to make wise choices about money. Like, paying off your student loans or saving enough so you could retire when you get older. Financial literacy for college students is important because someone who has financial education knows how to manage student debts, savings, and investments. They likely know how to make a budget to ensure their earnings cover their expenses. And, they tend to understand the […]

2021 Scholarships: January Issue

TIP: Bookmark this page and check back. We always update and add scholarships! FEATURED: ScholarshipOwl ‘You Deserve It’ Scholarship Award: $1,000 Deadline: 1/29 Eligibility: All high school and college students, as well as anyone looking to attend college or graduate school in the next year. To Apply: Just create an account to start your application. FEATURED: Niche “No Essay” College Scholarship Award: $2,000 Sweepstakes Deadline: 1/31 Eligibility: All high school and college students. To Apply: […]