Just for parents: communicate about the costs of college

By UnigoWhether you are the parent of a high school student or the parent of a student already enrolled in college, one of the most important conversations you can have about higher education is how you’re going to pay for it. When families stay silent on this topic, kids miss an important opportunity to learn some extremely valuable financial lessons. Having a frank and open dialog about finances will set your child’s expectations of what colleges […]

CLEP test: earn college credits in high school and save money

By dgoodman Have you taken the CLEP test yet? No, it’s not that disease you learned about in health class. For $80, you can take a 90-minute test on one of 33 subjects of your choice, and earn up to 12 college credits — that’s an entire semester of classes! Take it from someone who has graduated from college and has the student loans to prove it: anything you can do to earn credits and save […]

Celebrity philanthropy: the good, the bad, and the ugly

By lwilliams In the spirit of “RESIST THE IST” (and free money for college), we want to take a look at the stereotypes surrounding some of the most well-known celebrities out there — and how our perception of them compares to how they give back. With social media and a constant stream of reporters telling us celebrities’ every move, it’s hard not to think that you know them personally. But, are we putting a label on […]