NCPA Foundation Presidential Scholarship

The NCPA Foundation Presidential Scholarship is available for all pharmacy students who are NCPA members are eligible to apply for one NCPA Foundation Scholarship per year. The NCPA Foundation is a nonprofit. It aims to advance research, education and outreach to pharmacy students. And offers a few scholarships to further this goal. One is the NPCA Foundation Presidential Scholarship. It is a merit award that goes to one student member of NCPA.

MGMA Leaders Scholarship

Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) is a member organization in the healthcare industry. They offer educational certifications, access to industry research, networking and more. The ACMPE Scholarship Fund Inc. (SFI) is a program that supports individuals who, by virtue of experience, current position and future career plans, demonstrate potential to contribute to MGMA’s mission of transforming healthcare. The Leaders Scholarship is sponsored by Academic Practice Assembly, Anesthesia Administration Assembly, Integrated Physician Services Executives Assembly, and […]