Unigo Access For All

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Unigo Access For All is a program that helps students in need get the tools and advice necessary to realize their dreams of going to college, by donating a free Unigo Access account for every three purchased!

The Need for Student Access

Going to college is the most definitive step a young person can take toward a successful future. You might be surprised to know:

  • The average ratio of student to school counselors in America’s high schools is over 470:1.
  • The average American worker improves his/her lifetime earnings by $1.2 million (~$27,000/year) by earning a bachelor’s degree. That’s 87% more earnings per year.
  • Only 58% of low-income high school graduates nationwide go directly to college after high school.
  • 1 in 3 students doesn’t even fill out the FAFSA form because it’s “too complicated,” missing out on an average award of $12,000.
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How Our Partners Use Unigo

Our non-profit partners use Unigo Access to help students in need manage the complicated college admissions and financial aid processes, with access to:

America's Top College Experts

The Unigo Access admissions curriculum was develooped with input and guidance from top college experts, including past and present deans of admission.

Video Tutorials

12 multimedia lessons feature hundreds of video tutorials walking students (and parents) step-by-step through the admissions and financial aid processes.

Interactive Tools & Guides

Unigo members have a full dashboard of interactive tools like a dynamic calendar, college compare engine, admissions chances calculator, and custom printable guides.

Live One on One Chats

Unigo is the only provider of one-on-one live video sessions with top college experts and current college students all over the country.

If you're part of an organization that helps students, we'd love for you to join our private network. Contact us today!