Consultation Timeline

In April, You Should...
Talk with a Counselor about:
  • Now that decisions are rolling in, you only have a few weeks to make a choice that will affect the next four years of your life. Speak with a counselor about each school on your list to make sure you have all the facts. What is each college's reputation? In which majors does it excel? What industries do most graduates go into?
  • On the waitlist for one of your top choices? Speak with a counselor and learn the best ways to stand out from other students and turn "maybe" into "yes."
  • Speak with a counselor to help you interpret each school's financial aid package. What do the terms mean? What should you look out for?
  • Learn how to play one school's financial aid package against another's to get the most aid.
  • Most families don't realize financial aid packages are negotiable. Speak with a counselor about the best ways to approach a school to get more financial aid.
  • More than $3.4 billion dollars in scholarships are given out each year. Work with a counselor to find the ones that are right for you.