Abilene Christian University Top Questions

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There is a strong sence of community in this compus, you are not just a number at this school which is helpfull towards creating relationships and having a good education.


First off, the Psychology program. Our chairman Dr. Beck is increadible and the entire faculty is experienced and more than well qualified. As a student, your relationship with the faculty is strengthened over the course of your college career through classes, research projects, and even cooperative graduate work. ACU simply offers the best private psychology program in Texas, making it a perfect fit for somebody like me.


There is a strong sense of community. Because the classes are small, you get the chance to really connect with your teacher and classmates.


This school is unique because of how friendly and accessible the faculty and professors are. I also applied to some very large schools, but after spending nearly a year here with only about 4000 others, I am so glad I picked a small school. If I need to meet for advising or about ideas I have about research, all I need to do is shoot the faculty member a quick email and I can meet with them personally within the next week. That's just something that would not happen at a large university.


Abilene Christian University (ACU) has a great student/teacher ratio which allows me to develop exceptional and long-lasting relationships with my teachers. I feel that this is important because I can use these relationships to build my career off of. Another unique aspect of ACU is the fact that it is faith-centered. This feature allows me to be surrounded by a community that shares the same faith as I do. I believe that this helps build lasting relationships.


The availability and willingness of the professors. They will make time, or clear schedules to help you out and imporve your learning capacity.


This is a Chrisitan based school, so the educators express their beliefs. You get great quality classes.


I like that it is smaller and everyone can know everyone. The students and teachers are all very nice and helpful, you never have to worry about not understanding something. The teacher really care about you and your education and will do everything they can so that you can understand and truly learn the material. You will always see a smiling face, and get a friendly hello. The challenges the teachers give are only given because they know that we can handle it and grow and learn.


ACU is one of, if not the best private christian university in the nation.


The campus settings and the great religious surroundings helps to stay focus on school work and who we are living for. The teachers keep it really and are preparing us for real world,but its done in a civial way. The eating area is one of the best in tx, but it is worked around all tastes.


Abilene Christian University is a private christian school known for its innovation and its superior academic quality. Entering freshman receive iphones and itouches as a part of the school's learning initiative. ACU was named one of "America's Best Colleges" by U.S. News and World Report in its 2010 edition. ACU ranked 20th in the catagory of Master's Universities. It has an all-christian faculty personally interested in student's studies and lives and is also a member of the NCAA Division II and the Lone Star Conference.


It has big focus on Christianity.


i believe that Abilene Christian University i a school that allows students to have faith and cobfidence that will go with them in the future. The school provides the student many opportunties for the better of the future. Besides other schools they actually care about what the student really need and want.


The people here are very friendly, the pace isn't too rushed around campus, it's very student-oriented, and it's not too big but not too small (just right).


It is so great!


The faculty and students make this campus a wonderful location to learn and grow.


The only part that I like abotu Abilene Christian University is that is built on a Christian foundation.


They are more tight and intervene the teachings of Jesus while learning material one needs to succeed


We have chapel everyday. This is a special time when the school shuts sown for 30 min no class, no food, no nothing and everyone (including faculty) meet in community and worship the Lord as one body.


I really enjoy the size of ACU and the ability to express my religion. I feel free to be myself while I'm in class, and I enjoy the small atmosphere in the classroom setting. It allows me to form a personal relationship with other students in class, as well as with the professor. I also enjoy having chapel every day, and being able to share that with other students.