Abilene Christian University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Abilene Christian University is its price. The education is great, but the tuition is so high that some people have to leave because they are unable to kep paying. We are currently building a new football stadium and a new science and engineering building because of a donation for some very generous individuals, but that money, some of it at least, could have gone towards alleviating some of the burden of tuition.


The most frustrating thing would be... actually I haven't been frustrated with anything here. Its great! If there is a problem, it gets fixed quickly.


I think the most frusterating thing about my school is that it has lots of cliques, therefore making it much more like high school than most colleges. This is what most people wanted to escape from when they went to college, and now it is like we are in high school all over again. Also, there aren't a lot of activities outside of the university for students that don't require spending money, and as broke college kids we need lots of free, fun, and safe things to do.


The most frustrating thing about Abilene Christian Universtiy is the cost. Most students are not able to afford the courses offered here so they drop out or transfer. I know for myself, it is very hard trying work and pay for tuition which seems to always increase. Stress is put on students and even the family when money gets tight but school is still needing to get paid for.


The most frustrating thing about Abilene Chrstian University is the hours for The Bean (the cafeteria). The bean is only open for about 2 hours for each mean than they close. As a result, if a class conflicts with the exact meal times of The Bean you won't get to eat in the cafeteria. The food is amazing though at The Bean.


Abilene Christian University is expensive and offers fewer scholarships and grants than a state university. I found it frustrating trying to find ways to pay for school. Had I not gotten the scholarship that I did, I would have attended a much less expensive institution.


I have to be extremely honest and say that sometimes the lines to get food can be ridiculous. It seems that everyone tries to get food at the same time right after chapel; this creates serious problems, especially if you have class right after chapel. This is always the craziest time, but if you plan it just right, you should get to class on time!


How expensive it is, and how the financial aid office doesn't seem to be of much help.


Not much


We don't have a recreational center where I can work out. We have plenty of intramurals and a small work out facility, but the hours are weird and its only open at random times.


A lot of people can seem all the same. A lot of people can also seem really close-minded and conservative.


Everything costs money, and the school doesn't seem to put effort into making the system simple. Meal plans are too structured and confusing, as well as just too expensive, as is board, tuition, and fees. There seem to be a lot of extra hidden charges on my bill when I receive it each semester, and no way to remove them, even if you don't take advantage of a service that you're charged for.


I think the most frustrating thing about ACU is the money. It's very expensive and a lot of people don't end up staying and completely their degree just because of the tuition spikes every year.


My campus is very conservative. Freshman have curfew, the entire campus only has guy/girl visitation hours once a week for 3 hours, and women are not allowed to speak in chapel. These are just a few examples. There seems to be very absurd rules on campus just so that the university won't lose money from conservative donors.


ACU is very expensive, and hard to afford. It is also filled with many, seemingly unnecessary, rules. Meal plans are very frustrating, as is visitation in the dorm. Students feel like they have very little say in student affairs, and in the decisions that are made in regards to the student body.