Abilene Christian University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Abilene Christian University is the ability to create a community within the school through chapel. There is a certain time set, at 11 o'clock, where everyone on campus comes together to worship and praise God. I think that this is probably the best experience I have had because it shows how open people are and the family we have created with one another.


The small classes are amazing. While there are a few that are 100+, these are basics like astronomy or bible. Most of my major specific classes are 20-30 max, and I have had a few under 20. These small classes allow you to get to know your professor, the professor to get to know you, and just makes the learning experience that much more acute.


The best thing about Abilene Christian University is its Christ-centeredness. Everything that goes on here has a connection to Christ. The professors tie in the Bible in their lectures and all the social clubs have Christ as a focus. Prayers are said at every event, and most people have a genuine love of Christ, which creates a friendly and accepting environment.


The best thing about ACU is the small student to teacher ratio. With classes of less than 20, it is easier to be to connect with the teacher and with other students in the classroom. Also with smaller classes, the professors are able to learn about the students' interests and in turn, they are able to assist the student when it comes to difficult situations and even for finding jobs.


The best thing about my school is that the proffesers are very keen to getting to know you to help with understanding the subject or if you have a more pressing matter guiding you to who is the best person to talk with. There is a real community that you build with the other students and proffers that you know have similar interest which is what is unique because you know that they have most likely been through the same things you have . So it is more like a community which really cares about how you are feeling, your life.


Abilene Christian really desires a one-on-one attention to all students. Advisors, professors, all have a unique desire for the students to learn and grow to the best of their ability. The Campus shows the desire and importance of growth, community, and spirituality. All staff provide an opportunity to help the students distiniguish themselves as important individuals that can have an impact on the world. This, i believe, is the desire for many students. This goal is also attainable and possible because of the role of the staff and professors.


The size of this school would be one of its leading qualities for me. It offers an itimate enough setting that you get to know your fellow students and professors well. But also is large enough that you can experience diversity of intrest, people, and experiences.


The sense of community that is present, and the general willingness for professors to go above and beyond what is expected of them to help you succeed.


The teachers are very approachable and you can call their cell phones. They are interested in helping you as an individual.


Abilene Christian University has a strong Christian focus. Christianity is emphasized in class, chapel, dorm life, and social clubs. ACU has helped me become a stronger leader, and a purpose-driven professional. I am surrounded by professors and ACU staff who are geniunely interested in me and are investing their time and selves into my success. There are many opportunities for students to become involved in leadership positions. The best thing about Abilene Christian University is the focus on Christianity while preparing students to be leading professionals.


The small classrooms are by far one of my favorite aspects of this school. Though I was afraid that such a small school would merely be a replica of high school, I have found that I love the small atmosphere. Such an environment really helps me to soak up information as I don't feel like cattle, I feel like an individual to each and every one of my teachers.


Being at a small school means a closer knit community, with closer relationships both among students and with faculty members. Especially at a small christian school I really feel that I have a comfortable, close and caring environment.


I absolutely love the community created at Abilene Christian University. Dorm life is amazing because people actually get to know other people. It is also a smaller school, which provides us with the opportunity to meet new and different people. We have chapel every day, and I love the idea of the church coming together to worship as one voice. Freshman year is booked full of activities that are for freshmen only; this allows people the chance to become acquainted with others. Communityis such an important aspect of college because people need fellowship of some sort!


The best thing about Abilene Christian University is in every class our subject revolves around God and Jesus. Students spend time with other students, staff and professors who share similiar beliefs, morals and values. The best part is that it is a welcoming atmosphere and everyone respects each other. The professors likewise encourage their students to strive for success and work to provide that opportunity for us.


My school is a faith-centered campus that focuses on providing a great education while building a Christian community simultaneously. Students have the opportunities to strengthen their faith that do not occur on other campuses. The professors are focused on teaching while incorporating their faith into the curriculum as well.


The best thing about Abilene Christian University is the teachers. Every teach that I have had so far has been great, very enthusiastic about what they are teaching, and have a general concern for their students.


The strong christian faith that is present all over campus, even in class. makes me feel safe to know that my christian walk is not being tainted.


The students are genuine and compassionate abounding with character. The student life is fun and there if you have a passion there is definitely a club or an organization or group that you can fit in with. The dorm life is great and is an awesome way to get to know people whom I am sure to be l friends with for a very long time.


The people whether it's a professor, fellow classmate, resident director, resident assisant- they all make my college experience worthwhile with their prayers, advice, and kindness. Everyone here is unbelievably nice and they try to help their students and residents immensly. They show me the love of God daily and it truly makes me a better friend, student, sister, and roommate. They welcome me with open arms and make me feel accepted which is new for me because I never feel like I belong, and I really believe that I do belong here at Abilene Christian University.


Classrooms are small and you feel like you are of value to the teachers.


Accessible size and student life. You will get individual attention from professors, but it's still big enough that you couldn't ever possibly know everyone. Student clubs and activities are plentiful and offer diverse options for free time.


I love it


I love the people at ACU. The professors are great and not only do they care about my education, they care about me as a person, as an individual. They want to make sure I'm doing okay socially, spiritually, and mentally. This attitude rubs off on the students, so the general atmosphere on campus is a loving, kind atmosphere where everyone cares about each other.


The best thing about yhis school is its location. It is far enough from my home to give me a independent feelling but its close enough to where I can conviently go home if I need to. The area also reminds me of home a little.


I love Abilene Christian University because it is not a segregated school. Everyone loves to meet each other, including different countries and races. The teams are very diversed, at least 5 countries on one team.


The ability to freely admit my religion with people who are equally committed is the best feeling the university gives. A friendly and positive outlook that guides students on the path to independence helps me feel at ease and encourages me to embrace new surroundings.


I enjoy the faculty that prepares us to go out into the real world. Also, most professors have real world experience, which is much more helpful than just knowledge and words from a book.


That it is kinda small because then everyone has a chance to get to know everyone.


There is alot of spiritual passion for me to be around, which is always a positive thing


The best thing about my school is that no only are we improving our minds academically but we are also improving our minds spiritually with the Lord.


I like the diverse atmosphere of this school, well it feels more like a second home than a school.