Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I always make a coment about the class size. Part of the reason I did not choose to go to UGA was that their student to teacher ratio was huge where as ABAC it is much smaller. Being in a smaller class allows for a better experiance and a better learning environment. There is more one on one help from your professor and you feel like a student not a number in the class.


With the exception of a few, the teachers seem to be really interested in helping their students succeed.


You walk into this institution with such fear and anxiety because you know that this is the start of being on your own. You have these bad expectations because of all of the horror stories you that you hear but ABAC is the exact opposite of the scary college tales. It is nearly impossible to walk around this beautiful campus without getting a smile, a "hello", or a look from one of your many friends you have met here. It is friendly and inviting and truely feels like your hime away from home!


That is is one of the top community colleges in the nation.

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