Academy of Art University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Some are very dedicated and focused while others will eventually drop-out after the first year because they want either couldn't keep up with the fast pace of the school curriculum or they were looking for a more traditional college experience that you can't find at this school. It is hard to find friends in this school, at the most you'll have a small group of friends. There is no real campus so your friends will most likely come from your classes or any sports that you play. People aren't very open and usually stay to themselves.


(I actually attend California College of the Arts, but unfortunately, I did not see it part of the list. ) I work closely with 8 other students in my program, and will be doing so for the next two and a half years. Every student comes with a different artistic background, and and I am fortunate enough to be able to learn from each one of them. I know I am not at the top of my program, but working with other students who are more talented than me gives me that drive to get better each day.


My classsmates are free spirited students who are all equally as passionate about learning as I am.


My classmates are very hard working individuals who know what they want just like i do and will do whatever it takes to get there.


They are very determined and helpful.


I am an online student. The online roster of students come from all over the world! It is great to get to know people from all walks of life. Everyone has a different background, different interests, and unique stories. I enjoy reading/learning about my online classmates.


I would say most of the students at the Academy of Art University are well deteremined and strive to become successful in their own degrees, an abundance of creativity amongst the students that I have never been exposed to before, and is rewarding to be surrounded by a variety of peers with so many different skills and talent in art; whether that may be: painting,drawing,sculpture,game design, or illustrative design, the list goes on!


Hard working and dedicated with a creative and open mind.


Most of my class mates are young and make me feel old.


My classmates are very positive, open minded, wanting to fullfill their dreams very respectful, and eager to guide you in the right direction.


Ethnically diverse, friendly, creative, fashion-oriented, hard workers.


Most of my classmates are international students, but we get alone well learning from each other and from our experiences.


We are all taking a chance. Art school is tricky and only the highly motivated, focused students survive. Many students hail from Orange County and prowl the campus wearing scarfs, looking for potential "friends" they can add to their facebook. After your freshamn and shopmore years melt away, you are left with few standing. The others left because they didn't realize Art school was hard, and took real heart to make it work. The passionate, strong, excited students prevail. They are there to grow and have the power to speak through their work., I am one of them.


Most of them are very friendly, and they keep a good conduct on the class. They are open to critiques and advice from other classmates.


All my classes are online, so I don't get to interact with my classmates in person. We do interact online, though. The people I have met in my classes are some amazing and interesting people. Everyone is great at encouraging each other and offering suggestions and other ways of looking at things. It is a great environment in which to learn.


Insightful, caring, and a pleasure to work and be around.


My classmates are very friendly and seem to try their best; some are more serious than others and those are the ones who tend to do the best


Working adults


My classmates are the backbone to my education and I say this because not only do you learn from your instructors and school work but you also learn from your fellow students. My classmates are encouraging and give me the feedback that I need to make sure that I can correct anything that needs to be corrected and praise when something I have done is good.


My classmates are always enthusiastic and supportive!


I think my classmates are really creative and work really hard.


Each classmate is also a teacher, someone to learn from.


My classmates are energetic and very eager to learn everything our teachers and professors have to offer to us, as well as focused on getting the work done correctly.


My classmates are supportive, helpful, collaborative and engaging in and out of the classroom.


Young motivated artists with a good outlook on life and a nice zest for new and unique ideas.


My classmates are, like me, characters of their own creation.


Very knowledgable, opinionated and talented.


My classmate are all creative and intellegent and it's very helpful to get feedback from them on my work.


I would describe most of them as creative, chicly dressed individuals who all have dreams and aspirations of there own.


Alot of the students you see your first year are there for either the wrong reasons, or havent put much thought into what they want to do for a living. Some students are only going to school there because dads paying for it, and dont think about the longterm. Classes my first year started out with about 25 students and dwindled down to about 12-18 by semesters end.


They are really depressed kids.


Students of passion and innovation, those I look up to and learn from these are my classmates.


My classmates are people I can learn from, as various sources of inspiration and influence.


Very diverse in race and age.


Focused, determined.


It's very dependent on your major how the people are. In general most of them are snotty because they have rich parents to send them to that school and they won't break from judgements and perceptions. They are open to the teachers but not each others' opinions.




My classmates are really diverse. When you look around the room you can see that everyone is from everywhere. Normally, not many people are from California. So there are various types of personalities. (If you attend this school, be ready to adapt).


My classmates are very diverse , open, and interesting people: most of which are very eager to get ahead in our communal field.