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AAU has all the tool, experience and devotion to their students to help them get the career you are dreaming of.


The instructors are experienced in the field. They teaches you what they know and often gives you advices (even if you did not ask any). If you are lucky, you may get an instructor who is hard on their student, but at the same time, they entertain the class. I find that having a hard instructor, you will get the best out of it!




You start with core classes


From other school that I've been to its nice to go to a school where there is not a clique you feel obigated to join by going to college I have my friends with all sorts of people that are in different majors as me.


The Academy or Art University is unique because it’s the most accredited art school for video game design in the U.S. The Academy of Art University is also located in the heart of San Francisco, California. The teachers here are professionals who are actually working in the business. So its pretty unique.


The only school I found with a staff of professors that actually work in the feilds they teach and know the ins and outs of the industries.


The Academy of Art University has 40 school buildings scattered throughout the city. The school provides us with a shuttle system to travel to every building, which is essentially every area in San Francisco. In terms of academics, we're highly competitive, with a 33{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} graduation rate. There are clubs of every kind, sports, and the school has an amazing program. The program introduces our majors and embeds our general education/liberal arts into the curriculum. In addition, our professors are one-on-one and present many opportunites for students to find internships and jobs while still pursuing a dream.


This school is unique because it offers online BA degrees in this paticular field. In this field, you must have some visual presentation. There are great clear cut videos of presentations at the school. I had gone online for school before and none of them have videos. I love that.


The ability to receive a film education online as a distance learner is unmatched anywhere else.


The academy of Arts is a very interactive school. All the teachers and workers are very into helping and making sure that all the students have what they need and are ready to get going on there school work. The school is very much into the students learning and having them hands on everything! This honestly is a wonderful school that is best to other schools that i know of. They are also willing to help in any way to get you to be able to pay for the school and the items you need for your classes!


Academy of Art University is unique in the aspect that they have many online degree programs for students. Being able to obtain a degree online opens up different prospects and careers for potential students.


There is more hands on activities & classes and it is right in the city. There are so many art galleries within the school and out in the city to experience.


Most universities do not allow college freshmen to attend classes online, The Academy of Art University does. The online classes allow me to work from home, and this gives me more time to get other things done quicker. This university doesn't load my class schedule with classes that I do not need. The only classes required are those in my field of study, and this allows me to stay focus and on task.


This school is very hands on, from the very beginning of your enrollment. Classes are small so you get a lot of attention and help from the instructors. All the software and programs are all up to date. Labs and equipments are not notch and readily available for student uses. Another great thing is our spring show; where big name studios, corporations, and recruiters from all over come and hire students right on the spot. Also, the envionment the school provides is just perfect for artist and student alike.


Most unique thing about my school is how student from different majors have to constantley work together.


The unique thing about the Academy is that it is an art school where you get an actual degree but the programs were designed by artists themselves and the professors are actual artists themselves and not just people with a teaching degree like in high school.


San Francisco is a very diverse and lively city. You can focus on honing in on your fine art skills versus other colleges where you are spread very thin.


Location and choice of career choices


Academy of Art University is the largest art school in the country, yet it has the ability to keep the class sizes small making it a much more personal experience in the class room.


Instead of the traditional campus, the Academy of Art is situated in many parts of the city.


My school is highly competitive and considered to be the best - it is the best!!


Its an art school, definitely a given that it would be more unique than other schools. It is also located in San Francisco, something very different than I perviously imagined.


The school I attend right now is an art school. I was considering going to a regular university and studying art there but it made more sense for me to just go to a school based soley on art itself.


Open to and accepting to all races, sexual preferencess', religions, and political views, and a free thinking and living organism.


The campus is the city of San Francisco, it is very independt for the students. The students are confined to one place like most other campuses it's nice that sororites and fraternities don't rule the "campus" per say. It is an "art" school but very much buiness oriented for the feilds those have chosen. Each teacher is currently working in the feild they teach as a professional. Most of the students at this school are international students.


For students who live far away our out of state, you don't have to move, you can take online courses and still receive a regular degree. There are workshops for most majors on campus,. There is100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} guaranteed housing, but very expensive. It is also the cheapest art school in terms of tuition cost, but they don't have work study. It is in San Francisco, living cost is really high, but its is nice. But full time study online is difficult because you are cut off from having a real social experience.


Super professional but in a real world sense not in a book sense.


You are professionally trained from day one to be ready for the industry of your choice.


Academy of Art is a art school with a good fashion and textile program. They have instructors who are experience in the field of fashion and some of them worked for famous designers and own their own company and brand. Even though some of these design teachers are good designers some aren't cut out to be teachers. A lot of students cry just because the teachers were too blunt and rude.


This is the only art school that offers a degree in case you need it to pursue other types of work; it's basically a back up and a way to say you graduated a post secondary school. The best thing and I think the only thing are the teachers. They are real working professionals and really know their art. The administration is pretty laxed and it's fairly easy to get classes waived and other things you might need.


The alloted equipment for motion pictures.


My schools unique in that it fosters your creativity and animation beyond any other programs in schools I have seen. They actually want to see you think outside the box, they want to see new and inventive ideas and support them fully.


I hate the academy it's a horrible art school, and it's totally a ri p off. They advertise for classes they don't even have. The only teach digital photography


Academy of Art University offer students the opportunity to learn from teachers who are actively working in their fields of expertise. This Fact makes the Academy of Art a unique school compared to others. It is interesting to see how the school staff worries and work towards the professional realization of every single student how atends the Academy. They treat you as the person you are and not just another number, and this is exactly what makes this school one of the best and more wanted designs schools in the United States.