Academy of Art University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The only advice that I would give myself is to practice better time management and to try my best. I would tell myself that College is extremely difficult and tedious but if you’re passionate about your field of study you can succeed. I would tell myself that the professors aren’t there to shoot me down; they give critique to help you pass. But most importantly I would tell myself that dreams will always be dreams unless you have the courage to pursue them. so suck up your pride wide your tears and study study study. college is what you make it.


Amy, be strong. Life is not going to be easy. Support Adam, he needs you more than you know. Don't forget that you are important too, even if no one treats you that way, or thanks you. You are the glue holding this family together, without you it may very well self implode. You're going to make it, God made you strong, stronger than you realize. You're smart, smarter than you give yourself credit for. Forget about what's happened in the past, you've already learned your lessons, dwelling on it will only inhibit your future. Go back to school sooner rather than later, your parents are never going to help you pay for it, so stop holding your breathe! Don't forget to lean on Adam, you need him just as much as he needs you, he will hold you up when you're tired of always having to be so strong. There's no need to lament about not having a childhood, just focus more on giving your kids a good one. Don't forget, this is your family, they need you to be here to love them and support them emotionally and financially.


I would tell myself to work harder at the beginning and not make any mistakes. Being decisive is key when trying to start a new school. You need to know for sure what you want to do and what you want from life. Work hard to achieve your goals and the benefits are endless.


I would say joe forget the girls and the street live, dadacate your live to school and by the age of 40 years you will have a grate career and every thing else


Hello Maggie, Before you go to college you need to know a few things. One its going to be tough. Two take as many college classes in high school as possible it will be worth it later. Three save your money. Four don't be embarrassed you dont know the answer, thats why you are in school. Five take lots and lots and lots of notes, you're paying to learn you might as well remember it. Six ignore boys, your school work is your boyfriend. Seven, just have fun. Its going to be stressful but it will be the time of your life if you let it! Love your older self Margaret


I would tell myslef the sooner you know in your heart what you want to do, no matter what you're faced with. "Do it and never turn back" listen with your heart and not what you see or not see. Time waits for no one and tomorrow is never guaranteed. Do what you love, not what make sense. If you are not happy with your career, why are you living? What is your purpose? When you're at peace and confident where you are you are more available to help others along the way. I would tell myself to be your own support system even when your friends and family are not! Do your research, network get out and meet people that are just as passionate and driven just like you, or more so that you can see the fruits of your labor "Success". I didn't get the opportunity to to school right away, but I'm here now. Had I been able to, I beleive things may have been a lot easier for me. Stay driven when things are good and when they're bad and I promise you will never look back and have any regrets.


I would go back and tell my high school senior self to take advantage of all the after school tutor programs, take as much information in as possible, spend as much time studying as you need, do well on tests and try your best because in college you have to pay even if you dont do well. I would tell myself to be open minded and keep a smile on my face. College can be fun but scholl only gets harder the longer your enrolled. I would say to myself, make sure you do your research on schools and programs, start now. Try and find volunteer positions in the feilds you think your interested in to gain real life experience. Join clubs and be active in the community. I would tell myself to enjoy where I was at, i would say this only happens once so make it count. College can be very exciting, stressful and enjoyable, it just depends on how you view the experience.


If I could go back in time, I'd tell myself to make the decision without hesitation. Choosing to pursue a degree in the arts is an extremely difficult decision that I had to make. During high school, I had spent 4 years achieving nothing but good grades in AP/Honors courses, but my heart wasn't there. My passion was art, and I continued to deny it until nearly the deadline to apply to the college I attend now. My reason was the money, the risks, the family disappointment. I feared lacking the funds to pay for a private art school, the risk of losing in a gamble to rise among fellow competitive art majors, and the disappointment of my parents who expected me to pursue a medical career. It was definitely a decision that required confidence, which I had sorely lacked at the time. If I could go back, I would tell myself what I tell myself now. Go big or go home. There is only one life, one chance. There are no regrets, only learning experiences. Choose what will make you happiest, not what will make you wealthiest.


Stay with it. I made some mistakes that cost me many life experiences and as an adult you don't get the chances you have as a kid. College later in life is not nearly as much fun as when your a kid because life gets in the way. Think about everything you do and what may happen as a result because once a decision is made its forever!


The advice I would give myself is that my education would have been my first priority than choosing to get married and having children. I know that it takes a degree to be able to live a different lifestyle than not having a degree. I would have studied and made better grades in my sophmore year of school and would have received a scholarship that could have paid for me to attend college. I should have listen to my mother's advice. She said "Glenda one day you are going to regret that you did not go to college." My mom was right


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior. I would probably start of telling myself that I should pay more attention to the little things the teachers would say . Take better notes , and focus a bit more on school then my extra curricular activity. Life isnt easy I knew how life was going to be, but I would have prepared myself a bit more. I would tell myself to be more outgoing speak out more, because in the classes and the career I am going for involves me to speak out to patients, and make presentations and present them to my classmates. Tell myself to save more money, and be more aware of scholarship oportunities. Take extra classes and find help to choose better scholarships and learn more about school opprtunities. I am fine with how I am right now in school eventually I got the help I should have gotten before, now all I need is to be able to get more money for my classes. I am working two jobs and helping support my family well mainly Im supporting them right now, and I could use all the help I can get.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student I would tell myself to pay more attention in class. I would tell myself to get organized so you can complete your work in a timely manner. I would have explained to myself the importance of knowing all the staff at your school. I also would have told myself that an associate degree is only the start of higher education. I would have explained to myself that college is not cheap and therefore is a valuable asset to cherish. Lastly, I would have told myself there is help out there if you need it you just have to seek it.


If I could go back to myself as high school senior, knowing what i know now about college, I would tell myself to not rush and to look into the financial part of college more. The mistake I made, when making the transition into college, was not wanting to wait. I do not regret the college i chose, but I wish I could have researched more about the price and what kind of scholarships I could have applied for. Being 18 years old, anxious to get out the house and discover the world on my own was not a very good mind set to have when making the transition to college. I probably would have seriously thought about community college first to get the general classes out the way for a cheaper cost. After telling my old self all this information, I would probably still tell her to just go for it. If i had not went to college right after high school, I would have talked myself out of going to college all together. That would have been the worst mistake of my life.


Assuming that by some miracle Doctor Who's teleporting telephone booth could take me to my high school senior self, I would advise myself to dilligently apply for several scholarships and grants. Considering that the economy has been in the gutter for several years, as well as college fees being as they are expensive, I would not want to be shoulder deep in debt for almost a decade after graduating. Another good advise is not to be too trusting fo people. Its practically a take-and-never-give-back kind of world. Learn to pick out certain individuals who will not betray you for their own petty reasons.


Firstly I would say that I made the correct decision in my college choice. Secondly I would most likely not give away too many details as to what to watch out for while moving to college. I dont want to deprive "myself" from a college experience. I feel that if I warned myself about the lesson I learned in life while away at college I would not have the same great experience that I did. Plus I feel that if I told myself about all these things to watch out for, or gave myself a lot of advice I would probably become overwhelmed and not live life to the fullest. It would be an interesting experience going back to see myself as a high school senior, extremely excited to embark on the path ahead. I would just tell myself to not limit my experiences and to try to learn and enjoy as much as possible.


If I could go back as a college senior I would of told myself that I could make it. My mother left us when I was 6. I had been neglected growing up. My dad did all he could, but could not meet those needs. I had very low self esteem. Because of that I struggled. I think If I never gave up I would of not turned aside and wasted my life and time. Now I am older. I came through 18 years of abuse and 2 of my three children have been in and out of the hospital for 30+ times for emotional issues because of my exhusband. I had to care for them. Now I have picked up the brush again and get many "LIKES" from facebook as I post my art. So I decided to go back and finish my BA degree and go for Illustration and Graphic design. My youngest ran off and because of her age I can not do anything. It is part of her illness. She does things spontanously and without reason. I am hoping as a freelance artist I could be here for my other daughter and work.


Dear Lisa, As you complete your senior year in college, I would like to give you a little advice. The world is a very big place, and there is abundant opportunity for you to pursue and excel in the things which you are actually passionate about. Dont be discouraged by the fact that most of the adults in your life promote a very narrow view of education and the path to personal success. The world needs creative individuals who are brave enough to follow their instincts and their dreams. Communities and educational opportunities exist which can enrich your experience and potential as an artist, and direct your efforts in very productive ways. I encourage you to research art schools, and to pursue their offerings as a means of furthering your skills and opening your eyes to new ideas and new processes. Be inspired, surround yourself with others who are similarly inspired, and following their dreams. Dont be deterred by individuals who have given up on their own dreams, and would encourage you to do the same. Keep moving forward, keep your eye on the ball, and you will succeed.


As a high school senior, I didn't place value on education. Learning, yes, but education from an institution, no. If I could talk some sense into my past self, I would try to hammer home the ceiling one quickly encounters without a degree or letters after their name. As the world is today, being a spunky, clever and hard worker doesn't mean you'll make money for the bills! A college degree doesn't guarantee that either, but it does make it easier in every way.


This past year at Academy of Art University, I've had many complaints about tuition and my inability to pay for school. So when you ask; 'why it's valuable to attend', six months ago I would have said, it's not. I would have said there is no value to attend, there is only debt and headaches aquired. I would have said I've gotten nothing but heartache out of my college experience, in regards to the loans I will have to repay once I am out of school. However, six months later and I realize the value is not in the attendence or the school. The value is in education. To have the knowledge to succeed, the better life, the ability to reach new limits in life. These are the things that I'm paying for. In this perspective, the headaches and debt is worth all the money in the world. I don't mind making sacrifices that can better my future because my future is the most valuable thing to me and attending this school will do just that, I will do just that.


Skills and knowledge in my field of study that I wouldn't have gotten at a community college or regular university. Because it's an art school with a large and well-respected department specifically for my major, I receive valuable training from teachers who are currently working professionals in the industry, and are up-to-date with practices and technology.


This experience has taught me that it's not only about the education you'll receive but also about the business and personal connections you gain. I believe that to be of the most value in my attending a university.


My college experience began with a huge awakening. I was thrown into an environment that expected me to act proffessional in both my work and my attitude. Classes were difficult and teachers always pushed me for work of better quality that at first, I thought I could never achieve. But then I began to see how much I improved. The professional expectations and the tough courses with dedicated teachers really pushed me to do my best all the time and therefore, I was always improving and pushing my creative boundaries . My grades improved but they hardly mattered to me as much as the output of my work did. My school not only is succedding in honing my artistic skills and talents, but it is teaching me to be and act professional. Incompleted work is just as bad as never starting the assignment. It is like failing to do your job in the workplace. You don't finish your job and you don't get paid. You aren't successful. This school is as much dedicated as to making me a proffessinal artist in high demand as it is at making me succesful and I really value that.


My college experience at The Acadamy has been such an incredible oportunity and living in San Francisco is so inspiring. I attended 2 years of community college in my home town before i moved here and i felt so lost, when i transfered to AAU, i felt right at home even though i was hundreds of miles away. I just knew that this is where i belonged. All of the students around me are so artistic and i feel like we can all learn so much from eachother. So many talents combined in the same room can create so many amazing ideas and masterpeices. I am extremely excited to continue on and explore my bounderies. To see the progress of my work and everyone around me will be an experience of a lifetime.


metting new people has been one of my college experience, meeting new student, meeting instructor who has been sucessful on their career and were i see them as an insperation to sucess. This has been valuable to attend because is a place where i have learned so many thing about art. Art is one of my greatest passion since i was a young girl and now i can see more into the prespective thing that i would never imagine. Experiences new ideas where i see myself on the future, my goals, and all my achivements i need to take to fallow my goals.


Out of my college experience I have learned many things about my self as a young adult. I lived in New York my whole life and now go to school in California away from all my friends and family. Growing up and becoming responsible for myself became inevitable. The changes that I had to make because of the move, made me grow as a person. The reason I value the Academy of Art University is because I feel it is helping me to build my future. All of my professors have first hand experiance in the field of work that they are teaching, most still being in the business. I feel that learning from them is a value in itself because I feel you should not teach something you don't know. I have a new found appriciation for my major and love it even more then I have previously. If I could I would reccomend this school to any serious upcoming fashion design major that I know.


All the experiences I have had in the Arizona Western College and the Honors society aided my transition to the university by strengthening my inter-personal social, academic, and cognitive skills. Learning at the college engaged my enthusiasm and uncovered talents I have to succeed in the challenges of university life. I received mentoring from honors advisors and other honors members; they gave me many good ideas to assist me in transitioning to the University of Arizona from a community college. I also enjoyed forming study groups with my classmates and have come to appreciate working together as a team with other students in developing intensive critical thinking skills, and perfecting my research skills. Since I have earned all “A’s” in the mathematics courses, I was selected to be a Supplemental Instructor leader in Calculus One class and help the students to learn mathematics in the college. My professors also confirmed my ability in mathematics and encouraged me that I could achieve my dream and teach mathematics in America. My future plans include pursuing a career as a mathematical educator; assisting students in educating themselves and integrating themselves into American society as productive and prosperous citizens.


I've gotten so much out of my entire college experience. I say entire, because I consider living situation and lifestyle as part of that. I moved out of my parents house when I was just 18. During college I moved across the country to the bright city of San Francisco and started managing a house. I was about to manage my friends, family, money, and, of course, school while having the time of my life. Being in college has taught me many life lessons and has prepared me for many things in my future.


I've leanrn alot,not jus about my major but my self. Starting online is very hard, but it did help my grow as a person. Right not I'm trying to get money go to that campus. Online your truely on your own if you don't undstand something.


I graduated from High School in 2001. After finishing my first year of college in the US, I moved to Austria to study German. After becoming fluent in German, I studied architecture in Vienna. Two years ago I moved back to the US to complete my degree. It has been a long journey. Many of my credits did not transfer. Paying tuition for ten years has become very expensive and I am eager to complete my degree. Despite these challenges, I feel that the experience has been well worth it.


I've found and grown to love the person inside of me. Growing up in a southern, methhodist family as a gay male presented its difficulties. I felt alone, scared and different. My fears of disappionting parents proved to be to much when I exhusted myself trying to please their every command. My first semester in College i got to, for the first time, be myself. Wear skinny jeans and not get punished for it. That may seem trival to you, but it gave my freedom. I got to step back and look and the mirror to see a smart, powerful person in front of me. My whole life socitey had written its own agenda and "rules" on my chalkboard. You will be this, you won't be that. I will be myself. I am compassionate. I am creative. I am strong. I am alive. I am gay. I am human. I am loved. I am myself.


The relationship and professional experience of our instructors, their knoweldge and experiences in the field, and the interaction with them is priceless.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that life is a whole different place outside of high school and there is no one there to hold your hand and encourage you to do your work. I have to learn to be independant and strive to do the best that I can be and learn to stand on my own two feet. There is not another place in the world like college; here you learn to stand on your own and learn your job skills and meet new and interesting people. The connections made in college are those that stay with a person for a lifetime. College has been valuable to me because I know that when I gain my bachelors degree and start on my own that I am prepared for anything that comes my way and I have the tools and am able to utilize those tools to turn any situation for my benefit.


I have gotten great friendships and teaching out of my college. My college has taught me alot about myself and how to better myself. I have good people working with me to get my degree and I enjoy how the college is so happy all of the time.


Its an incrediable place to be. I love the students and the teachers. I love the city it is located in. I love everything about my school.


Well I am not in college yet, but I hope to be enrolled this coming spring semester. I hope to be able to recieve the best education possible so that I may be able to help other children like me with cancer as well as adults. I hope to make many new friends that I will have for a life time as well as become friends with my professors on a professional level. I look forward to all the new adventures that will come with attending a 4-year school. One can only hope that there college experience is just as good or better than others around them.


Over last two and a half years I have gotten more out of my college experience that I ever would have imaged. If I had known I would have waited ten years to go back to school. I have learned Math which I was never good at, I have learned how to be an advanced user of the computers, and I have learned a lot in my Written Communications along with my American History class. It had been valuable for me to attend because I have learned more in the last two and a half years than I did after four years of high school. I also feel it is very important to attend so that I can live a good life and make money, unlike the other people in my family. I want to be able to succeed in life.


I am majoring in Healthcare Administration/Management. What I have received from the University in which I attend is valuable information to help keep a medical office or hospital running smoothly. I have taken classes that have strengthen me emotionally as well as physically. Classes such as ethics helps me understand other cultures and how to communicate with them. Many different cultures work and live in the United States and having knowledge of different culutures helps you relate. I have also received knowledge in patient records and billing. These are first hand medical postions needed to run an medical office. Going back to school also gave me a second chance at a education and preparing me to compete in the job market. It's been an absolute pleasure attending college. I recommend others like me who sees a second chance at an education to go back to school. The whole college experience makes me feel whole , feel like I belong. That matters because when you are willing to learn you are gaining knowledge that can assit you further as you entering the job field. Education is the best valuable experience to get out of college.


I gained experience of living on my own, seeing what it's like, living in the experience. It's been valuable to attend because this school's goal is to have everyone acheive their dreams and they give us the learning tools we need in order to gain a more broader knowledge of our majors. There are foundations classes that allow me to learn what I didn't know and to dig deeper and see the things outside of the box from a different perspective. Also, these classes build my skills and my artistic ability because I now know how to express myself in an open way. My experience here at the academy has been wonderful and fruitful because I have learned so much when I have been here for the last 2 and a half months :)


I can now see the form within the human figure, hands and feet. I can see the corkscrew all the way through, not just what is meant to be seen. not only have i built a solid foundation for my major, I started meeting people whose work had inspired me to do something bigger, more colorful and better. these people also have helped me when I get stuck and don't know what to work on next. However, the teachers at my schools have been the most helpful people for me. They help me with my art, but also when I am stressed and don't know where to start, they comfort me by telling me that I can do it, just one piece at a time. I have been in school for four years now and haven't recieved even an associate's degree, but, these past four years have really changed me for the better. I was once unmotivated to even get up in the morning; now I work constantly on new pieces of art. All the schools I have attended have taught me to keep moving forwards, even if graduating may seem unattainable.


What have i gotten out of my college experience? Well to tell you the truth i have just started my college experience and already i have gotten tons of inspiration my peers. Inspiration that has push me to do my best, not just in school but at home when im doing nothing. I attend the Academy of Art University, a school where there is nothing but artist, striving to obtain that one thing that they crave most, their dream. Since i have been here, I have notice my skills as a artist getting better and better with each passing day, with each passing sketch. So when i graduate i would have a portfolio of nothing but greatness,and i have not only the teachers, who are masters of their field, but also the students, who continue to inspire me with their drawings. That inspiration have lead me to become more enthusiastic about the work that i produce. And it's through this experience that make going to college a valuable and rewarding moment.


My college experience has been an invaluable one. It is wonderful to be able to connect with others with my same interests and to be able to collaborate on ideas and projects; to have teachers who actively work in the fields they teach in and can share their real-life experiences with us. My education continues at my job where I work closely with a fashion designer and an alterations team. I am able to get my own real-life experiences that I would not otherwise get in a classroom setting. It is wonderful to have these two avenues for learning and to apply what I learn in each setting.


I have learned a great amount just out of this begining of the school term! And I'm proud to say i go to the academy of art. There is a lot more for me to learn about the camera, taking pictures, and how to form my own style and i cant wait to know all there is to know about photo journalism


What I have gotten out of my college experience at the Academy of Art University is a college that really cares about ones education. When I attended the uneversity for the first time this past spring semester 2010, the faculty made it so easy to apply and keept me informed of the things I need in order to succeed. The faculty and staff is a tremendous help in helping you find your path in the art/education department, and also to get any finacial aid from FAFSA. For example, I enrolled in two classes online but one of my classes had me on campus. Now mind you that I reside in Cincinnati Ohio and the campus is located in California San Francisco. As soon as I informed the school of this miss hap, it was fixed within less than 24 hrs. It has been valuable to me only because I have not recieved this type of care/help from any college/university as a student before. And I still continue to get a great amount of help from the university with books, supplies and how to apply for scholarships and grants.


I have learned that everyone is really friendly. At first I was intimidated and didn't want to go because in the movies you see how everyone is and it's not like that at all. Everyone is always willing to help or try to help if they don't really know how. I love going out with everyone that I meet and getting know people better. The work load I knew was going to be ridiculous but when I got to this school it was a lot! I have learned so much from just the two years that I have been going to the Academy. All the teachers are tough but are always willing to help. All of this has helped me learn that when I get to the work force it's not going to be easy and all the knowledge that I have gained will help me in the future.


I am so grateful of my college experience so far. I've learned an incredible amount and how to implement in in real life. I've learned about the form of objects and how light works. I've the differences between certain media in art and how to use them. This is very valuable to me, because it has improved my art immensely and will allow me to make more successful pieces of art.


I got to meet helpful Teachers and Staff that are encouraging to set high goals, so I can finish my Associate's Degree in Computer Networking. The Campus is in a relaxed stress free environment to make easier to concentrate on school work and studying. As i begin school i begin to gain more confidence as i go and am proud of myself to go to College. I am learning valued knowledge to begin in a career in any Entry- Level position with a company that is in the field of Computer Technology.


I am a student that is seeking a college degree later in life after serving in the United States Army. After serving my country of eight years I decided to leave the armed forces and pursue a career that would allow me to spend more time with my family. After pursuing various career paths with varying degrees of minor success, I knew that I needed to attend college to improve my chances in the future. Attending college has meant that I can pursue my dream of becoming a professional photographer. More than that, attending college has given me the confidence in myself as an artist and the vision of what I can become in the field of photography. Additionally, pursuing my college degree has shown me that I can take many of the disciplines that I gained from my military experience and transfer those skills into both my studies and my profession.


I feel I have gained fundamental knowledge regarding photography in my year with AAU. I have often been asked why I am majoring in photography since I won't be guaranteed a job once I'm done and there are several professional photographers out there that don't have a degree. To this I respond you are only as successful as the knowledge you posess. If I posess the basic knowledge of working a camera and master that skill then I am a master of basic photography when I could learn and become a master of so much more. In my year at AAU I have learned various lighting techniques I didn't know about, as well as different equipment and that is available to imporve my craft. My instructors have pointed out little things in my photos that i have overlooked and never saw as important but once it has been pointed out I have been able to improve on it and make myself better.


In my college experience, I have learned who I am and what I want to do with my life. Being a non-traditional student makes it more difficult to go back to school and make the commitment to obtain a degree. One of the biggest struggles as a young adult is figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. After trial and error, I finally decided on a degree that I want to pursue and am excited about my career prospects. Since I graduated high school seven years ago, I have learned the value of a college degree the hard way. It is difficult to obtain a career without a college education, and a lot of opportunities are closed off. Knowing that I wanted to provide a better future for myself and my future family made me realize how valuable a college degree is.


At Virginia Tech I leaned a lot about architecture.

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