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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


First and foremost, I have received a higher education. This includes knowledge beyond high school academics and information more applicable to my life and career choice. I have created a goal for myself and intend to achieve it. That goal is to become a clinical psychologist and in order to do so; I must continue my schooling at a minimum of a master?s degree. I am one step closer to my goal every year and I intend to pursue it relentlessly. Thanks to my persistent college attendance every semester I am able to see my dreams come closer to fruition, and for this, my college experience is more than valuable. It is my life, my everything; it helps mold who I am and who I will become.


So far, I have completed several courses online. I chose to take classes from the Art Institute of Pittsburg Online Division since I had originally planed to attend at the Art Institute of Seattle and my credits would be easily transferable. I recently changed my mind on the college I will be attending to The Academy of Art University. I picked AAU because I feel it holds a stronger accreditation in comparison with similar institutes that focus on the field of Video game design. Which leads me to my point; I have found that college plans can change easily and it is important to keep options open. It is also important to apply for extra help when eligible.


I have learned that the harder you work at something, the better your reward will be. If you like to take a lot of shortcuts it will be more difficult to succeed, it is better to put all of your effort into any committments you make. AAU has been so valuable to attend because I feel like the information that is taught in each course is very fundamental and concrete. I also feel that I am gaining a lot of valuable knowledge from people that actually work in the field.


As a high school senior in a very public school, I slacked off because I got A's without any effort. I had participated in many clubs and activities as an underclassman, but my school spirit lost its vigor as time passed. If I could talk to my lax self of old, I would harangue about the necessity of applying oneself, getting ahead, and enjoying high school. I was so focused on exiting high school promptly (I graduated in three years as a result of an accelerated course load) that I failed to stop and smell the high school spirit. My lesson to my harried sixteen year old self is to honestly, just have fun. By fun I mean innocent, teenage fun, not the fun I found with older friends in dangerous places. Good luck.


Don't panic. Believe in yourself and save your money wisely. Remember that the friends you have now will be there in the future if they really care about you. You will also make many new friends, see lots of new sites, and meet some great teachers(and not so great teachers). Take the best advice you can from your teachers and ask for help from your fellow students. Ignore jealousy or rudeness from other classmates who may not care for you. Give yourself a break once and a while and enjoy the new environment you are in. This is the start of your great adult life!


Dawn, What I've found most valuable in this journey is to act as it if it were impossible to fail and it will be. Determination and a lot of support from family and advisers has gotten you this far. So one thing you'll have to learn quickly is that you can't do this on your own no matter how much you'd like to think so. Also, you're not as awesome as you think you are. There are thousands of artists out there that have forgotten more than you know, so start looking at yourself realistically. You have so much to learn; act like it. You have a brilliant future ahead of you if you can just push through all of the rough spots. Tough times come for everyone, but if you can stay focused things will fall into place as they were meant to. If you strive to do your best at everything you attempt, no one can ask or expect anything more. And don't forget; you have value. No matter what; your opinions, thoughts and ideas are important too. Your creativity is unlike anyone elses and WILL make a difference. Love, Me...ummyou


Many times I have thought about what I would say to myself if I was able to go back in time and impart some "elderly wisdom" on my high school self. The main thing I would say would be, "Know exactly what you're going to school for and why, realize the hard work it takes and the advantages a degree will give you, and work your hardest to fulfill your number one priority: school." I did not attend college right out of high school for this vary reason but many (if not all) of my friends did go straight to school and for many of them, it did not turn out as rewarding. Many have lost their scholarships, dropped out, or decided to take one or more semesters off to focus on what they really wanted to do in life. In turn, many have wasted money, resources, and time because they were unclear or uncertain of what they wanted to do in life. College is more then continuing school, partying, and meeting new people. It's one of the most important decisions we get the opportunity to make and the outcome shapes who we are as people forever.


If I could go back in time and have a conversation with myself during my senior year, I would tell her to slow down and enjoy the last year of high school, because patience plays a huge part in college life. Before I left she would know that she is not expected to rip herself away from her parents and face the world alone, but that college will be a time when she needs her parents the most. She would also know that college should not be thought of as a scary place, but should be viewed as a transitioning period into the real world. I would also tell her that time management is a MUST, because she will have to be able to prioritize her schedule so that her work will always be completed, but will also have time for fun to enjoy this important part in her life. The most important thing that she would know is that college is really not the "real world" as many people have said; but a period in life that slowly transitions you from a dependent teen, into an independent adult ready for what life has in store.


Don't push too hard. I know you were an over achiever in high school and never gave yourself a day off, but you need to take your time in collage. Your classes are harder, and you need time to complete assignments. Don't take 5 classes a semester and burn yourself out so quickly. And don't forget to allow yourself to relax. Too much stress makes your creativity and quality of work suffer. And last but not least, rely on your friends and family. Your support structure will help you and your friends will help you brainstorm and make your work better. You work well in group settings., it motivates you and gets your creativity flowing, so be more social and make more friends from class so that you can do group brainstorming sessions. And don't forget to have fun.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself not to rush. Time is precious and patients in more precious. To learn is to listen and listening is the key to success. In order to stay focus, follow not with the crowd, but with your head. Right now might be a struggle and feeling lost is easily able to do, but it doesn't mean to give up. Things do not get easier; they become more capable to do as knowledge is gained. In order to receive that knowledge it must first be taught, so stay in school, because that?s where successful individuals are made.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to get a head start. Start a journal or a notebook and jot down ideas. Create a place where I can refer to when I need an idea for a project or a story for a screenplay. I would tell myself to work a little harder now because it will pay off later. Pick up a book and start reading. College is a faster paced environment and knowledge is important just to talk to people. The same with the journal, start a system to organize things, it helps a lot when everything is organized, your mind is clearer and not cluttered. finally that TIME FLIES. don't procrastinate AT ALL. The notebook and journal you started your senior year for college, in college you're gonna need to continue it for the real world after you graduate.


Mika, You really should know what you want to do with you life. Sit down and figure out what career you want and what accomplishments you want in life, so you don't have to go to school for so many years and not know what you want to do. What you need to do is run track again like the coach is trying to get you to do. She said she can get you a scholarship for track and field. I know you are scared because the last time you ran you dislocated your hip, but you will be alrigt. If you get a scholarship it will truly help you in the long run, and you will not be in debt like you asr now with a poor credit score. All I am saying is stay focused when you graduate and know what you want out of life. Make good decisions so you won't be in debt. Don't forget to live, love, and laugh your way through it all. You'll have a son at the age of 25 so you need your degree. This is your life in the nine years.


You have to play the cards you are dealt in life. I did not wrap my head around this as a high school senior. I thought everything somehow worked out like magic, you did not have to do anything. In reality, my parents dealt with the cards and I was the beneficiary. By the second week of college I knew differently. Suddenly, I was the captain of the ship, the master of my fate. I was accountable and I had to learn to deal and sense what was coming from around corners. How had I not learned this in high school? Why did I let my parents steer the wheel of my ship? I know better now, from the ups and downs of the first college semester. I survived instructors' subjective critiques and exams' objective assessments. Roll with the punches, play the cards dealt. It all works out if you just keep going and never quit. I wish I knew this much, much earlier and will tell any high senior who will listen.


Honestly there is a lot I would tell myself if I could go back but I would have to say that the number one thing that I would tell myself as a senior in high school with the knowledge that I have now about the college experience is that it cannot be something you miss out on. I chose not to go to college directly after high school because I was so quick to start my life in the working world. I wish I could have told myself that missing out on college is a big mistake because it opens your eyes to experiences that you would not have by skipping out on college. You meet new people and get experience in a trade and further your education which gives you more options in job placement and more brain power. Plus gives u the knowledge that you need in order to land a great career and who could ask for more?


If I could go back in time and talk to my self as a high school senior about college, the advice I would give my self would have to be: 1.) Stay positive and focused. College can sometimes be difficult especially when your major is art related and you?re stuck in a boring lecture that has absolutely nothing to do with what you?re interested in. It?s also easy to loose focus when you feel discouraged-but stay strong and continue through your path. 2.) College is very expensive & Time consuming. Take the time to actually research. Even though I knew what I wanted to be in life, I believe that if I would have taken the time to actually research, and compare tution costs and college campuses -that went right for the things that I wanted to do in life, instead of picking the first university in my hometown that I would not have wasted so much time and money because you can?t either of those back. Not all colleges are structed the same way. Lastly I would tell myself to SAVE! Save as much money as possible and APPLY to as many scholarships as possible.


enjoy yourself and make sure you get enough finacial aid to get through.


If you only knew how difficult it can be when you get to college to cover all your finances. All that time you spent going to the movies and staying at Starbucks for three hours you should have been at home applying for scholarships and filling out your FAFSA. If you would have just spent a single hour on the computer everyday working on a scholarship essay or filling out applications for scholarships you would be just fine. You could have walked away with enough money to help yourself out with tuition and books. That hour you were sitting on Facebook, you could have filled out a scholarship. An hour a day is all it takes. If you did that for your entire senior year, that is 177 hours of work. Think of how much money you missed out on! If you would have spent the time, you may not be having trouble sleeping at night wondering how you are going to pay off all these school loans!


I would probably try to convince myself that taking over twenty years to return to school is generally not the best idea. I say "try to convince myself" because I know that at the age of eighteen, I wasn't too keen on just about anything anyone had to tell me. I'd say that taking a couple of years to explore what the world has to offer is fine, but above all, learn to make informed decisions. Don't approach things with a knee-jerk reaction. Figure out what path is best; apply more understanding to those decisions, think about the long-term ramifications. Employ what I knew even then, but didn't; is that Newtons Law isn't just about physics, but about life - for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I'd also tell myself that once I started college that the most important aspect isn't just learning, but applying what is learned. Make the most of the education that awaits, and remember that this education is just the start - it's important to keep up to date on trends and technology. Learning is a life-long process! Go forth and be successful!


I honestly believe that there is nothing that I would change about my college experience. Academy of Art University is my third college, and my faveorite. I feel that as I progressed throughout my time in college, I have matured and become more knowledgeable through my different experiences. They have led me to a place and university where I am finally able to pursue my career on a regular basis. I am thankful for all that I have learned. So, if I did have to give myself some early advice, I would say that I should keep an open mind, and to be myself


If I could go back in time and give advise to my high school senior self, I would tell him that "you might be the biggest fish in this pond, but once you make it to the sea, there are even bigger fish". I remember being the best in all of my high school art classes, and those were the glory days. However, high school is nothing but a kiddy pool. Once I made it to the real pool, I find it a struggle to stay in the deep end where others were swimming with ease. Maybe if I didn't think so highly of myself, and had I focus more to improve my skills, I would be more prepared for the career path I will choose. So in the end, if you think you are prepared, think again and try harder, there's always room for improvement...


Take heart, dear heart, and heed these words-- that: A. the hard part is over-- and that, B. the work has just begun. The pop culture, body conscious focus of your age group is a silly, soul stealing, time stealing mirage. It's had you in chains, I know. Ignore it. Trust me, ignore it. Burning love will come- have faith and be patient- but for now, you've got to prepare for your real life. Keep your head down, your soul sheltered, find what you love to study and study the bejeezus out of it. The real world moves in fast, and soon, the long awaited shakedown comes. Popularity contest is OVER. The serious ones, the earnest, the self-disciplined, the sincere, they rise- they've been preparing for this decisive moment all along. They may have been quiet, fly on the wall types who sat in the back of class, their noses always in books, but Guess what! They get to be boss now, they get the glam life and all the attention without trying, now. Mind that. A few years of hard work, and then you'll be flying. Youthful, educated, successful, relevant-- with money to burn.


If I was to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would incourage myself and push myself to do even better in my classes. Take even more challenging classes for me to get used to the preasure and what life after high school is going to be like. I would advise myself to be even more organized because it is very helpful when you go away in college to be organized and have all your things in order.


College life is an intense ride. It is an experience you will never get back and you will go through some drastic changes. You will meet some people who you might think are your friends, call you names behind your back and steal your personal property. You will have men be perfect gentlemen,make you feel special, and then treat you like your nothing but yesterdays news. You will have managers, employees, sexually harass you and be rude to you for no reason, still make an effort to be nice and then get fired. You will abuse drugs and alcohol , think that you are having the time of your life, while your body rejects it by throwing it back up wherever you end for the night. Your siezures cause you to convulse, turn blue and purple, foam at the mouth, fall onto the ground get scrapes on shoulders and knees, loss of breath, and loss of conciousness. You push your family away and think your so called friends will stay close, but of course they turn their back when the moments are critical. You wouldn't change anything because every mistake is another lesson learned and another step forward.


I'm in my 20's and I just figured out what I want to do with my life. If I could go back I'd tell myself to be patient and you'll figure what you want to do with your life. And, I would tell myself to ty harder academically , because know that I'm in college I'm realizing that maybe I should have worked harder in math class.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior, I would focus in drawing and painting. I would persisted to take art major in college. It was not easy for me to found my ability because I didn't have any support from the parents. I suggested to myself that I have to do the thing I like, keep focus on what I want and pursuing my goal. Nowadays, I love what I'm doing because i found myself as an artist; and I explore my talent in art. Being an animator is my goal.


If I could go back in time I would so make sure I got straight A's... I would have behaved and tried to a scholarship


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a senior in the class of 1994; I would tell myself to stay focused on achieving a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree as the first step to accomplishing inner peace and feeling complete. The present may feel like it is a short distance to a successful fashion designing career but the travel time between successful fashion designing career and continuously employed fashion designer is a lot longer. No matter what hardships I encounter always remember I am talented and I can achieve my degree by embracing difficult assignments as a labor of love that is encouraging me to become my true self.


Victoria: "Be prepared to do what you love" " I understand you are in a lot of pressure, deciding what you are going to study feels like deciding what you are going to do for the rest of your life...but don't be scared! You and I know that succesful people are not neccesarily the ones with the most money, but the people who end up doing something they are passionate about. The road may not be the easiest one, but with perseverance, faith and hard-work you will achieve whatever you decide to do. In college, everything that makes you unique is a major asset, and opening your mind to different experiences, while keeping your values, will determine the person you will be. Remember that you have your family, who love and support you; your friends, who will always be there for a talk or advise; and most importantly yourself."


Do not be afraid to take your own path. As a high school junior, I decided that I did not wish to return to high school for my senior year. I instead chose to go directly to college to get my high school diploma. I am so glad that I made that decision; it made transitioning from high school to college seamless. Programs like the one I enrolled in called "Gateway to College" are aimed specifically at creating a smooth transition for students making their way from high school on to college. I fully encourage use of these programs. My main point is: do what is right for you. Do what challenges you. Just because some people take a cookie cutter approach towards their high school and college experience does not mean that you have to. If you dream of greater things: seek them. Study abroad, volunteer, intern, figure out what you love to do. At sixteen years old I knew that staying in high school for my senior year would not provide me the challenge that I sought. So I made my own path, and I built an amazing life for myself.


Save money and learn time management. Do everything you can get your hands on, every class, every sport, and hang with everyone. do something good for someone all the time, it comes back. make a million friends to have a shoulder.


If I had to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to not be nervous about my classes and if I will fit in with my classmates. I would also tell myself that i would make alot of new friends and to do so i should not be so shy and just be open minded becuase all my classmates have the same interest as I do, fashion. I would tell myself not to worry about money or time, that it will all work out in the long run.


Had I the oppertunity to inform myself then of what I know now I would tell myself, "Get your head in the game! Highschool's over. Stop procrastinating, stop half-assing your work, stop lying to yourself. It's time to grow up and out of that shell of yours. Be happier, smile more, be open with others, and stop being such a jerk to the people you like. The friends you're about to make might be your friends for life, don't lose them just because of a few unreviewed words falling out of your mouth. I loved my first semester of college, but , I swear, it could have been so much better. So much better if I only let people in, went out into the sunlight, made plans for my day. Please, please take my words to heart, because they're the only things I can give you... err... me... Right. So remember, stick to your studies, be friendly, and bring your own dishware, the girls like to steal from the kitchen for some odd reason."


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a hight school senior, I would have said, "Purue your dreams, always. Time is limited on this earth and only you can make your dreams a reality." Any other advice would have been to save up with a small job for college, so life would be a little easier finanically.


I had determined early in my senior year that I wasn't ready to attend college. So if I was able to go back in time and talk to myself in the bleak hallways of my high school, I'd utter five words, "You're doing the right thing." I wouldn't only tell myself, but I'd tell every graduating senior that there is always another path. Some people aren't blessed with a clear idea of study at age 18. Since college is always available, they can confidently experience life before committing to a degree program. In some cases, like mine, that break from school will turn into an educational experience that will further benefit the career choice made.


I have been through my first semester of college, I am going to school online part-time at the Academy of Art University. Knowing what I do now about college I would tell myself to learn to be organized and disciplined. College life is so free and independent that you have to discipline yourself to sit down and make yourself do the work assigned and turn it in on time. If I could go back I would also tell myself the importance of deadlines. The teachers at my school do not accept late work for the reason of teaching the importance of deadlines in the art and fashion world. If you have a company that does not meet its deadlines that means a loss of money and goods for your company along with its reputation. In college organizaton should be taken into consideration because the pressure of school and getting loads of work completed on time is enough stress so why add more by not being able to find your materials due to clutter. I would tell myself about deadlines and discipline because if you don't take your classes seriously and fail, your school puts you on academic probation.


It's time for college, so you need to be more organize. In high school everyone tells you that, and you may think its not a big deal, but if your backpack looks like a pig sty, you'd never survive. Network with as many people as possible, because that will be your greatest outlet for snagging that creative career that you've always dreamed of. Stay focused and limit your distractions, and always try to make things better, if it looks okay, make it better, and if its better than make it extraordinary.


I would tell myself that I shouldn't stress out too much over how long college actually takes to complete. People go through different things in their lives and experience highs and lows. There is no real time line on life and I wish I knew that there isn't a set time line for completing school either. I spent so much time feeling bad that I was behind my friends who finished school in 4 years. It took a lot of soul searching to focus my energies from my ego and pride to being working hard and learning all that I could at school. In a way, I am thankful that my time in college has taken longer than people I know, because I have had time to experiment and grow in my field and as a person. Those who graduated in 4 years haven't necessarily had the opportunity to grow because they've been focused on hitting the pavement and finding whatever job would hire them. During this, my senior year, I am savoring everything I learn and relishing in learning for a living.


I would tell myself to focus more on what I will be learning, and to research as much as I possibly can to expand my mind further. I would also tell myself to take advantage of all the resources my school has to offer because before I know it, I will be graduating. Time moves too quickly to be slacking at any point, so you need to absorb all you can when it comes to school and your career, but also to keep in mind to set aside time to hang out with friends and to have time for yourself. I would also tell myself to not be such a pack rat because when the time comes to move out of the dorms and into a small apartment or studio, the more you have, the more crammed your space will be and you will not be in a woking atmosphere. The most important advice I would tell myself is to keep well organized, not only physically with labels and dividers, but also mentally. Having a clear and focused mind will help through the toughest situations that you will face.


The first thing I would tell myself if I went back to my senior year of high school is to relax and really think about what I want from life. I didn't really think about anything and just went with the flow not realizing what was really going on. I'd also tell myself to think about myself before I made any decisions about anything. Being worried about what parents, friends, boyfriends, coaches, teachers or whomever are going to think isn't helpful at all. I was so worried about pleasing my parents, that I didn't do what I wanted to do until years later. Taking time to evaluate things is key, and I would defintely tell my eighteen year old self that if I could because I never knew that when I was thinking about my options for higher education.


As a high school senior i did not think about the money aspect of college, just where I wanted to attend. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to save, save, save for college. I would tell myself to apply for every scholarship and grant offered. I would let myself know that you may not get all the scholarships or grant you applied for but you may just get enough to pay for your college education. If you dont get enough to pay for college enter into work study programs at the college of your choice. These programs will also help you pay for college.


I would go back and tell myself not to listen to my childish thinking of I will take a year off and then start college . The problem with that is you don't go back you find excuses after excuses. I would tell myself how important college is in the real world of life not a teenager who thinks life is easy but warn myself what life is really about not trying to fit in. Iknow am attending college and persueing my dreams that would of made my life and my children's life so much easier if I would have had a career started by proper education instead of hard fast food work and now I am old and slow can't do the job that I have done all my working life and it is really hard but the important thing now is I am doing it. I am proud of my life just wish better decisions were made by myself ealry on but I will do it now. I know I can so the main thing I would tell myself is "I can and don't give up."


Haha. hindsight is 20/20. I would go back and tell myself that my dad was right and being cool has absolutley nothing to do with real life. I would not have squandered the money i recieved over the years and actually invested that money into photography equipment. I would have used and abused the Photography dept. at my school and would have been very active in clubs and stuff of that nature. I would have read more books. I would have not spent all day thinking about girls and friends and spent more time thinking about possible Art ideas and spent more time documenting the surroundings of my highschool life. I feel there was a lot to expose at my school and i would have made for a great photo book commenting on social satire and modern life of the Igeneration.


Andrea, please start early when looking for any kind of financial aid and make a decision on what you really want in life! It's going to be harder than you imagined and it's very important to stay strong and keep going for your education. There will be times you want to throw your hands up and quit, but don't worry you'll get through it. Don't let anyone tell you, you can't do something. Everyone is capable if they put their mind to something.


I would tell myself to continue to pursue with my education and not quit for any reason. I'm twenty nine year's old and have been through some tough times. Originally i quit collage and got married and let my wife at the time continue her education while i worked and payed the bills. Year after year kept getting worse and worse. I ended up getting a divorce because after my father died my mom needed a place to stay so i took her in until she could get a place of her own and my wife at the time didn't like that, lost my job shortly after because the company i worked for filed for bankruptcy, and lost my home and car for being unemployeed for several months. After realizing that I wasn't going anywhere i decided to enroll back into college. I currently have an associates degree in Multimedia and plan to continue to persue my education to earn a masters degree in animation. And after telling myself this story I would end it with out of all the things you strive for nothing can take away what you have learned through college.


If I could go back and speak to my high school senior self, I would tell myself to take advantage of the resources that are offered in the counceling office to make an educated decision of what is right for me and my career goals. I would tell myself to research all of the schools available. I have already attended two schools and spent tens of thousands of dollars and it wasn't until after I was already in the program that I realized that they were mistakes. Second, I would tell my self to research all of the loans available to me. I have spent thousands of dollars in interest alone, simply because I applied for the first loan program that I discovered. Lastly, I would explain that college is probably the most important educational experience I will ever have, in relation to my future career and to give all of myself to it in order to gain the most from it. That advice probably would have changed my life if given to me back then.


I would ask many question on specific carreers that I had an interest, I would volenteer my time . Be more envolved with my community. Be more open minded. I would allow myself more freedom to explore new ideas and travel more maybe go to school over seas. I would learn more about money and how to mange it better.


Being that I am 30 years old and have had a lot more time that most college freshmen would have to reflect, I think my advice may be of a different variety that most. No "be sure to pack an extra toothbrush" or "put your name in indelible ink on all your belongings" here. The only advice that I think I would offer is to be open-minded but stay true to one's self. And that if the education you're after is truly what you want, then work passionately at getting it. The student is the one ultimately responsible for his education. A school can provide an environment for learning, and instructors can provide insights and guidance. But only the student can educate himself. The student must be like a sponge - soak up all that he can hold. Let things less important drip away. If an education is what one wants, one must take responsibility for it himself.


If I knew what I know now when I was a senior in high school I'd tell myself it?s never too late to live your life the time is now its do or die. In other words, my passion is my life; my passion is photography, stop passing it off as just a hobby. It is time to grab the bull by the horns as they say, save up as much money as possible, stop throwing it away on things that come to an end. All the roads we have to walk are winding; it?s time to pick the right path. Stop looking for a way around college, there are some things you just can't teach yourself. There is never an easy way out on any road we take so pursue your dreams; at times it will be hard but things will work out in the end as long as you know in your heart that they will. You can have anything you want in this life as long as you set your mind to it, follow your heart, trust yourself, and believe that dreams do come true to those who work toward them.


Young Noah, it is very wise of you to wait to go to college. Working in the field that interests you will lead you into adult hood and future endeavors. Always work your hardest, pay attention and treat others with respect. Financial aid is way better at twenty-four so it wouldn?t be a bad idea to wait until then to start school.


I would tell myself two things: Be fearless and do not take what people say about you personally. Taking what people say about you as truth, on a personal level, will only hinder your path to what you consider success, and make you afraid to go out and experience life. Too many times have I have passed up oppurtunities in life because I was afraid of failure; I listened to both positive and negative comments people made about me and I took it personally. Listening to these comments threw me off the path that I wanted to be on. If you want something to happen in life you have to go make it happen yourself; no one owes you anything. Your friends and family may always love and support you, but when it comes down to it, the only person who knows who you truly are is yourself. This means that only you know what you want for yourself in life. Every one else's opinion about you is based on their perception and own life experiences. Two guidlines will help you navigate through life: Be fearless and do not take what people say about you personally.

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