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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would encourage my younger self to change my path quite a bit. When I was in high school I thought the world would be so easy to get along in. I had no idea the hardships I would face and the discipline I would need to accomplish my goals. That being said, I would encourage my younger self to be more involved in scholarship searches and college hunting. I would also go through a long course about finances. After living on my own for years, I could teach my young self quite a bit about keeping ahold of one's money. Extracurricular activities would be another topic to discuss with my past. To this day, I wish I had done more in and out of school. I have had a job since I was fourteen years old and have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, but now at twenty-two I wish I had done more activities while in school. Needless to say, I would insire my young self to change virtually everything to make my future better.


If I knew about the hardships I would experience in school because of the lack of financial aid, I would tell myself as a senior in high school to do more research on scholarships and save money.


I would say: "Michael, do not take Typography class with Mrs. D'Arcy - you will end up teaching the class!"


You should go to school right when you get out of highschool, so you'll be done with college before your twentyfive.


Honestly, if i were could go back in time i would have givin myself more confidence in myself when it comes to my abilities when it comes to success. I would have reminded myself that i will most certainly need to know the information that i will learn in high school, in the years to come. Make sure that i strive to succeed in every aspect possible, and always take pride in my work and knowledge. The world in years to come will not be the easiest if i do not take the present time very seriously. Learn as much as i can in as many areas as possible so when technology takes over in one area, i always have a variety of possibilities at my feet. Alays show your best thoughts, opinions, and ideas at every chance.


I wouldnt tell myself anything exept to be happy, and do what makes me happy. I know that seems to have nothing to do with college, and the fact that I have always done the things that make me happy. My path has been perfect, costantly going through struggles is what makes me understand how to overcome them. I knew who I wanted to be in high school, I am just working really hard to achieve that. :)


You really have to ask yourself, what will you be doing ten years from now? Where do you see yourself in ten years? What are you good at? And when your images become clear, just go after your dreams. No regrats.


There are many things I would like to tell myself back in my last year of high school. One of them being to take life and school seriously. Knowing how college is now, I can definitely tell myself that it really isn't easy. In college you don't get things easily. There is no one to get on your back about school work, and of course you also have to pay for it. The transition however, is the hardest. We usually think that we should take a break before going back to school but that is a big mistake. We tend to get stagnent and comfortable, the thought of school seems to be the last thing on our mind. When it comes to actually thinking about going back, it's harder then going when you finished high school. The most important advice I would give myself? Is to not get caught up in the hype of college life. Yes, it's a new life but it is the most critical one of them all. I'm not there to party, and get loose but I am there for something much greater!


Ethan, you must not expect to be a genius in a day. Going to college isn't going to grant you a dream job or anything of that sort - it will give you the knowledge and open your mind about self learning. The college is just helping you to define/find what you want and focus on it. Be persistant and asertive.


Hey Jacob. Its 8:15 and your starting your assignment thats due at 8:30. Thats a great idea. Scrape by with C's in high school. That way your intelligence, no matter how high, will be suffocated and and smothered by laziness. Colleges love C students. They get real excited about giving them lots of money. Oh, wait, thats not true. The kids who are getting A's, the "nerds", are the ones who have college paid for. Who would have known that dilligence and time management could save you from thousands of dollars of debt as you struggle to pay off your school loans. It's a good thing I have come back in time to tell you what you can save yourself from. Mom and dad only warned you so much. Don't cheat yourself.


My one piece of advice that I would give to my 18 year old self is to be true to yourself. When I first graduated high school, I enrolled at the local Community College and started taking heavy academic courses to prepare myself for law school. I love the law, but being a lawyer wouldn't be the life that I want. After asking myself what I wanted my life and career to be like, I realized that I hate sitting behind a desk all day. Another thing I would tell myself isn't advice, but words of encouragement. I would tell myself that it will all be over soon. My parents verbally and emotionally abused me as a child and I suffered from severe depression and anorexia. However, shortly after turning 18, I moved out. I have since moved 5 hours away from my family, which has dramatically helped me with my depression. If I had known that I was so close to escaping, I would have been able to live-something I never did in high school, and something I will forever regret.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that I am worth aiming for high goals. Back then I didn't think that I knew what direction I wanted to go to, but in fact, I had always imagined what it would be like to go to an art school, yet I didn't immediately set my mind on it because I thought I wasn't good enough to go. I thought that my goals in being successful in that field were too high and out of reach. I would tell myself to go for what I wanted in my heart than what society and family would want me to go for. In the long run, it isn't about money and a job that is important - it is happiness. I would tell myself to pursuit my own happiness in whatever I wanted to do right after high school and think of what would make me happy in the long run instead of a fleeting happiness. I would tell myself to take care of myself in mind, soul, heart, and spirit before anything else.


You should learn to cook, wash clothe, be more organized. Enjoy doing nothing all day because its going to end pretty soon. Be more open to people, more social. Know that its not going to be easy and that liveing on your own is a total new experience which will help you realize alot of things in life. Be grateful for who you are. Get more involved with school. Be yourself, and have fun doing it.


I would tell myself that I'm doing a great job. And just to try my best to not get discouraged by constructive critizisum. Do not procrastinate, and remember, you never regret trying something new, you only regret not trying in the first place.


I would tell myself to apply for the Academy of Art University before graduating high school. Not to worry about going to a junior college first to save money but, to apply for financial aid, cal grants, and other scholarships to lower the amount of a loan to pay back after graduating college. I feel that if I had applied for scholarships and finanical aid back when I was in high school, I would have a better chance of being awarded at least one if not both.


Suponiendo que regreso el tiempo atr?s y sabiendo lo que s? ahora el consejo que me dar?a ser?a el seguir luchando hasta lo ?ltimo por mis sue?os, que no importa los problemas que se me presenten hay que brincarlos y seguir hacia adelante. Para m? la transici?n de la vida de escuela a vida universitaria fue un poco dif?cil pero eso no hizo imposible que mi sue?o se hiciera realidad y lograra todas las metas que me propuse para ese momento.


Go for it! Don't let the chance pass you by. Let yourself be the most important being on earth and give it your all! The most important experience you will have is going to college and having the full experience. If I had to do it over again I would leap hurdles to go to school if I knew then what I know now. I believe in myself totally and I wish I could erase time.


Dear Melinda 2005, Congratulations! You're graduating from high school. Good luck and have fun. It will be a great adventure and you will learn a lot. One piece of advice for you, don?t settle. Look hard for the best program for what you want to do. At this point you want to be an art teacher because you don?t know if you have the talent to be an artist. You can do it and you will be fantastic! Find the best school. Don?t settle for the local schools just because they are what is available. Do some research. Look at online colleges. Surround yourself with positive passionate people. They will help give you confidence and guidance. Live life to the fullest. Try everything. Don?t compromise your morals. Go into every situation with an open mind. Don?t procrastinate! If you lose your inspiration know that you will find it again. Be your beautiful bright self. The people who care don?t matter and the people who do matter don?t care. Have fun and enjoy every day of it. It will fly by. Remember you are AMAZING!Love, Melinda 2009


Be prepared to be on your own. Learn to save your money and organize better.


I would tell myself to think more about what I wanted to do and what my interests were and to not be afraid to persue a career in art.


Keep doing what you're doing. Save your money and be persistent about learning. Be open-minded and don't be too quick to dismiss an idea. You're growing and as your body grows so does your mind. Experience helps you grow and you're going to be growing a lot mentally in the next few years. Savor the wonderful experiences and learn from the tough ones. Be respectful and people will respect you. Let yourself grow. Let yourself bloom.


The only advice I would have for myself and for anyone else going to college is to just do what you want to do. No matter what other people say, no matter how many times they'll tell you not to, you need to go for it. If there was going to be something you had to do for the rest of your life as a career, you have to make sure that it's something you love doing. Otherwise its not worth your time and energy. Go to college to learn WHAT YOU WANT TO LEARN. You know how they say "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life"? Those are words to live by. Study your passion, live your passion.


Dear High School Jessica, I am here, 10 years after graduating high school, still trying to achieve a bachelor's degree. Please forget about working full time and trying to go to school at the same time as it is very difficult to concentrate on these two very important parts of your life and achieve the exceptional quality work to both your job and your school that we both know we so greatly desire. Attend school for the degree your heart wants, not just what your brain thinks will make you the most money. What is in a job that you don't enjoy? Dissatisfaction and constant searching for the happiness you so crave when you get into a field just because it will pay the bills. You love photography and the arts... do not listen to those who tell you that you should get a science or business degree, because even though you excel in science, it's just an aptitude, not happiness. Jessica, you have the ability to create whatever it is you want. Forget inhibitions and pursue thy dreams and the Universe will give it to you. Namaste from your older and wiser self, Jessica


I would tell myself to not rush into anything and to be more careful with my money


Advice I would give to high school seniors would be to make sure they are going for their dream and to make certain it is something they want to do. Also, not to rush anything. As human beings, we never rush anything we enjoy and that should apply to what you want to foundation of your life to grow from. Read the fine print, especially when dealing with loans and financial aid. Always be prepared, keep your guard up, and stay on your toes because it'll be quite the learning experience. Not just what you'll be learning in class, but what you are learning about yourself.


The advice would be to learn more about the career benefits of college and to determine what kind of career, not just major, I am interested in. I struggled with finding a school option that I wanted, I could afford and my family approved of. I am glad about the school I chose but the choice would have been easier and faster if I didn't take into consideration my familys opinions so much.


The biggest thing I would change about my senior year of high school would be my money spending habits. If I would have saved my money then, I would be so much better off now. I would also like to tell myself to be brave and just go for what I want and let go of my inhibitions. I think it's important to always think about how the decisions I make now will affect my future.


To never give up on myself - to work harder at school, get a job and save up some money. To not waste time with petty friends and broken hearts, because a year later I would find the greatest friends and the most amazing man a woman could ever find. To just keep believing.


Enrique there are a couple things you should know before deciding to attend the Academy of Art. First of all everything is ridiculously over priced and that includes the dorms so save yourself some trouble and live off campus. Also when your looking for a place to lease in San Francisco avoid the Tenderloin and Mission Districts because your laptop will be stolen right out of your apartment. Secondly remember and keep in mind that everything you do at AAU is for the higher purpose of becoming a fashion designer and lastly feel proud of yourself for deciding to become a fashion student. You made a private decision by yourself and stuck by it despite all the criticism and disapproval from family. Your brave and I could not have done the same today. Besides they will come around before you know it.


I would advice myself to take my time looking for good housing, with compatible roommates and a good (clean) living situation, since that can cause a lot of stress on top of all the homework required and my part-time job.


Research! Trends and where the market are going will effect your overall employability in the next 5 years. Stay ontop of the latest and greatest, specialised fields are poping up everywhere. Take a minuite to think things over, look at every option as if you were helping a friend out with this decision, remove any sort of bias. Is this something that you want? or something that you need? Look at student loans, and start building credit.


I wouldn't give myself any advice. I like the path I've chosen, and I don't have any regrets. I believe I made all the right decisions for myself. In high school I was focused on succeeding in art, and I still am.


The number one mistake that parents make is sending their children to college just because "they gotta do something". Sometimes it is really better for young adults to take a year off from school to see what they want to do in life before they make such an important decision. Especially nowadays, when education costs are sky-rocketing, people should really take everything into consideration until they can truly say that they are ready. Apart from the obvious alternatives such as the university's rank in certain fields, what majors it offers, or how much it costs, one should take into account other aspects of college. First of all, location is really the key. For example, not everyone does well in an urban setting, some prefer secluded campuses. Moreover, one should look at the extracurricular activities, size of the classes, and the equipment offered. Finally, parents and students should calculate the cost-benefit ratio and see if going to that college will provide the students with an education that will serve as the door to a prosperous future in the careers of their choice.


The best thing to do is fine a school that you can feel at home with, one were you learn and can feel like you can learn a great deal of thing. The school that i go to is an art shool and its very hard to compare your work with others but i find that it makes me wish to do better and so the next time a do better. That is the kind of school i think people need. friends and family are the most important to me so that was one way i picked my school. Getting a good experience is all about what you want to get out of it, find some were with things you want to do. My school is in the city so there is a lot to do but after i can go home and relax if i want to do that to.


I advise that they work their hardest to make it into the best school. I have learned from going to my school that attending a college that focuses strictly on your major is the best way to go. I highly sugges living in hte dorms for as long as you can too, you meet tons of new friends that way.


Speaking as student who was not the best in math, or science, my family and I decided go to enroll in schools that played my strengths not my weakness. For instance I am very strong in engilsh and I have a very good interests in sports broadcasting and journalism. Not to mention, I have played sports most of life. Another strong aspect that my family and I looked at was my interest level, work ethic, and study habits. As a student I'd rather go to a school that will keep me interested and keep me wanting to do my best in a subject or program that plays to my strengths. College is not hard, students make it hard, by not studying and not doing the work, in these low economic times why send a student to school for them not to be interested and force them to learn something that does not interest them. Parents listen to your students and play to their strengths and watch them overexceed your expectations and succeed in and enjoy their college experience in the process.


After my last two years of college I've realized that it's not the teachers, it's not the parties, it's not the friends that you find in your campus that makes it great, it's all about the location. I never felt more at home, or more happier, than I did when I started going to school in San Francisco at the Academy of Art University. I instantly fell in love with the loud noise, the busy streets, the thousands of coffee shops, and millions of unique people I've met. It may not seem like it's the most important aspect to look at when deciding which college to go to, but if your location brings you great friends, nice places to study, fun places to go during breaks, and brings you genuine happiness, it makes it all the more easier to stay focused on your studies. I'm sure we can all admit that the happier you are, the easier it is to get just about anything done. The best advice I could give anyone is to stay on top of your homework, meet as many people as you can, and be yourself. (:


Encourage students or children to seek out internships for the experience required when you enter the industry.


Make sure you go visit the college to get a feel for the environment. Also talk to the finacial aid people at each college they may have different but good advaice for you. to the student, do what make you happy not what makes the money and don't rush into to anything. You may find you like something new during your intro classes, declaring a major isnt too important your first or even second semester.


The best school out there is a school that would push you to sucess and offer you multiple degrees in the same curiculum sush as (AA) Associates of Art, (BA) Bachaelor , a Master and so much more!!!. Sometimes parents can get overwhelm and intemiated by prices but it's not always about the money, it's about what the school have to offer. Try looking at the classes and getting knowing a few of the teachers and see what level of degree they have. It's more benficial you the parents and child to go to the open houses as well then to look at all the information online. Overall, looking deep into the school that cares about your education , helps you to thrive into sucess, and have so much to offer is the best way to go plus it benifits you in the very end.


Students Get out of your home town if you feel comfortable and know what you want to do, even if you don't getting even a state a away is a nice change of pace for most high shcool kids, and if you don't like being away you can always come back I'm sure your parents would be more than happy to see you happy. Don't enroll in a specific major if you are not ready, you'll end up wasting time and money and time that way, you can always take general courses that will most likely transfer to a more specific college degree later. For parents, don't tell your kid what to do unless they're asking for it, pushing and pulling them one way or another is more than likely going to make them not want to do anything or do the opposite to get away from you. Spend time looking at housing and meal plans most colleges are good about these necessities however, there are many out there who can and will scam you. Make sure they have health care.


Pick the college you think will be best for getting you a job, and that you feel you BELONG in- regardless of price. It'll be worth it.


I went to my college without visiting it, so I was nervous of whether or not I made the right choice. But after attending the first class, I was really enjoying myself. If you're looking for a college, make sure that you are at least 90% confident that you will like being there. And also, it is far better to decide what your major is because if you go in undeclared, it is possible that some classes you took before aren't necessary. Therefore, it becomes a waste of money. But there is no pressure, it is just easier to come prepared. I was also aware that attending another college might have saved me money, but you want to look into the reputations of the school and the certain major that you are interested in. What really makes a good learning environment is how good the teachers are and the learning environment. College is also a time to start social networking, making friends, and finding out more about yourself, so if there are opportunities for extracurricular, one should always take it. And should always have a balance between working and partying.


Make sure you've studied hard in High School. Find a college that you'll have fun in because it cost a lot of money. Also choose a major that will make you some money in the future, you can always blow off steam in between classes and when you're not working. Parents, pay for as much as you can so that your children don't have to work while taking classes this takes away from their concentration and possible Law degree so save up that money any way you can. Study hard in high school and follow the degrees that will earn you money, you're dreams will always be there. I learned the hard way.


I feel that making sure the enviroment foster learning and creativity is the most important thing to look for in a college.


Finding the right college experience is a major factor in the career path that you choose. Both the academic and living experience should be one that nurtures the person you are. If the school is too big, the quality of education received can vary tremendously. A young adult has to be ready for the kind of independence this type of school requires. Also, the living arrangements should encourage socialization between students within different areas of study, so that the whole experience provides some culture and respect of others with different interests. Being in a creative school environment I have had the pleasure of enjoying all types of personalities from the many areas within the perfoming arts field. Because of this I think I truly enjoy what I am learning. This makes the whole experience easier. I stay busy with studying or projects and I am more focused on moving forward with my career. Therefore, I guess realizing the type person you are attributes to making the right choice of college. This would allow you to make the most of the college experience.


Make sure it is the school that will give you what you want to learn. Don't go by what you see on their websites, ads, and etc


One really important thing when you are chosing a college is that you make sure that the career path you are chosing is one you are really ready for and passionate about and the college you are looking into needs to be passionate about it as well. It is so very rewarding to go to college for something that you are very passionate about and you will be very successful in the end because of that passion. Make sure that they have a great financial aid department that offers lots of financial planning and solutions for students that need financial support. This is hugely important when finding a college. You will greatly need that support at one time or another. If find all of this in a college than you are guarranteed to have a very memorable and happy college experience.


My advice for students is to do a very good research for the school you want to go because that's going to be your future.


When I sat reading the acceptance and rejection letters I had received my senior year that is a moment I will never forget. I made my decision to attend a private school, it offered what I was looking for. Many of my friends would be off to state schools and other private institutions. I knew deep inside I made the right choice. I took a good look at where I was going and why I made the first step in getting there. You will have your own reasons for choosing the school you would like to attend. If you don't make it into your first choice don't be upset, when one door closes a window opens somewhere else and that window of opportunity will make or break you. Take risks, and never take no for an answer without asking why. You may exceed in one class and need help in another. Always ask for help and if you don't know how find a friend who will help you ask. The friends you meet in college will most likely have the same goals as you do, lean on eachother. Make the most of it and do your best!

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